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CLASS 2-A FACTS (from the Iowa High School Athletic Associaton)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Cherokee baseball coach Scott Koch, standing left, addresses the Braves after they beat Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 4-1 in the Class 2A Substate at Sioux Center Tuesday night, earning their fifth consecutive trip to the Iowa State Baseball Championships. Assistant coach Steve Sonka (10) listens in. The 25-3 Braves, the #3 seed, play 6-seeded Gilbert (25-6) at 6 p.m. Monday in Principal Park in Des Moines. The winner will meet the Dyersville Beckman (31-10) versus Interstate 35 Truro (24-1) winner at 8 p.m. Thursday. Those two teams play after the Braves game Monday night. Photo by Paul Struck
The Pairings

Monday, July 27 - Quarterfinals

12 noonNo. 7 Solon (36-5) vs. UR Sumner-Fredericksburg (33-10)
2:00 p.m.No. 2 Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge (32-3) vs. No. 5 Saint Albert, Council Bluffs (24-4)
6:00 p.m.
No. 4 Cherokee, Washington (25-3) vs. UR Gilbert (25-6)
8:00 p.m.UR Beckman, Dyersville (31-10) vs. No.3 Interstate 35, Truro (24-1)

Thursday, July 30 - Semifinals

6:00 p.m. - winners of Monday's 12 and 2 p.m. games

8:00 p.m. - winners of Monday's 6 and 8 p.m.

Saturday, August 1 - Championship, 2:00 p.m.

Ratings are from final Iowa High School Baseball Coaches' Poll


Top Win Coaches: Tom Jenk, Jr., the venerable Beckman, Dyersville mentor, leads a solid corps of 2A coaches. Jenk, whose teams consistently play the toughest schedule among 2A schools, has a 35-year career record of 844-412, which is eighth on the all-time win list and fifth among active coaches. Ken Schreiber of Saint Albert joined the 500 win club this summer and brings a 29-year career record of 510-317 to this year's tourney. Saint Edmond boss, Joe Shanks, who had Bishop Heelan, Sioux City in the tourney in 1985 has a 19-year record of 362-264. Jeff Douglas at Interstate 35 is 226-87 in 12 seasons and when adding his years at Graceland College he is 424-320 for a 21-year career. Scott Koch of Cherokee has compiled a 295-175 mark over 16 seasons. Tom Nuss of Sumner Fredericksburg is now 241-148 over the last 11 seasons.

First Time Qualifiers: Sumner-Fredericksburg has qualified for the first time although each school separately made the tournament twice. Sumner was second in 1989 and won the title in 1995, while Fredericksburg had a runner-up finish in 1961. Also in "The Prep Show" for the first time is Gilbert, winners of 25 of 31 games.

Veteran Qualifiers: Beckman has qualified for the 13th time and the Blazers are 17-9 in state tournament games. Saint Albert, Council Bluffs and Cherokee, Washington returns to the championships for an eighth time. The Falcons, who last qualified in 1999, when they won the 2A title, have a 9-5 record in state tournament competition. Cherokee is making its fifth straight trip to the tournament and has been in the title game the previous two seasons. The Braves are 6-6 in state tournament play.

Rated and Remaining: Five rated teams survived the District and Substate Tournaments. The survivors include second-rated Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge; No. 3 Interstate 35, Truro; fourth-rated Cherokee, Washington, and number five Saint Albert, Council Bluffs;

Playing it Close: Saint Edmond's three losses were one-run games to Manson-Northwest Webster (7-6), 2007 champion Iowa Mennonite School (1-0), and Eagle Grove (4-3). The Gales have won 29 of their last 30 games. Saint Albert, Council Bluffs has lost four times by a total of six runs - 4-2 to Columbus Catholic, Waterloo; twice to 3A Harlan Community (4-2 and 6-5) and 9-8 to 3A Glenwood.

Past Champions: Three teams in the field have won summer titles and are in this year's field. Owners of previous "gold standards" include Cherokee, Washington (2007 with the 2008 runner-up), Beckman, Dyersville (1968, 1986 and 2000 titles with five runner-up finishes), and Saint Albert, Council Bluffs (titles in 1981, 1996 and 1999).

Returning from 2008: Three teams from last year's qualifiers return including Cherokee, Washington; Interstate 35, Truro; and Solon.

230 Wins: The eight 2A teams in the tournament have combined for 230 wins against just 42 losses for a torrid winning percentage of 84.6. The average number of regular season games played by the tournament teams was 30 with Sumner-Fredericksburg leading the way with 39. Beckman, Dyersville and solon played 37 regular season contests.

All in the Family: Saint Edmond has six Flatterys on its roster and yes they are all related brothers/cousins. Joey (senior) and Neil (freshman) are the sons of Dave. Patrick (a senior) is the son of Dan. Dave and Dan starred on the Gaels' 1977 fourth place team. Terry is the father of Jon (a senior), Anthony (a sophomore) and David (just completed eighth grade).

Date with History? Solon could have a date with IHSAA history. The Spartans have already joined six other Iowa high schools to have won football and basketball titles in the same school year, but none of them have added a baseball title in that span. That trio of championships and seven eager foes stand in the way of the seventh-rated team from Eastern Iowa. (Note: Valley, WDM won four IHSAA titles in 2005-06 -- football, track, soccer and baseball.)

State Six for Gael Senior: Saint Edmond's John Engler has had a great senior year. He played on the Gael's state playoff qualifier in football, starred on their last two state basketball tournament teams, was a high jumper on the Gael's state track title squad; qualified for the State Tennis Doubles Tournament and played on their third place state team tennis squad. He has capped it off with a 9-0 pitching record and a .391 batting average this summer. That is a total of six state tournaments in one school year.

Did You Know? Pat Murphy, who coached Sumner to second in 1989 is one of the nation's top Division I women's softball coaches. He has completed his 11th season at the University of Alabama where he has led the Crimson Tide to a 607-188 record and to six NCAA College World Series Tournaments. The Fayette native is fourth in winning percentage of among NCAA-D-I coaches.

Individual Stat Leaders

(Statistics are those available on Quikstats as of 10:30 a.m. Thursday, July 23)

Batting Average (min 55 ABs)

.522Cody Strang, Solon (70-134)
.519Dillion Wickett, Interstate 35 (42-81)
.517Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge (60-116)
.500Matt Koch, Cherokee (39-78)
.488Cody Ege, Cherokee (39-80)
.481Ben Weeks, Solon (63-131)
.474Mitch Schmitt, Sumner-Fredericksburg (54-114)
.473Jake Waters, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs (44-93)
.464Paul Johnson, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs (43-97)
.449Kyle Schuett, Cherokee (35-78)
.430Ben Bergman, Solon (58-135)
.440Joe Stoker, Gilbert (44-100)
.416Eric Reittinger, Beckman, Dyersville (57-137)
.412Sam McKinney, Interstate 35 (35-85)
.411Jon Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge (44-107)
.406Tyler Smith, Solon (54-133)
.404Tyler Jones, Cherokee (36-89)
.403Derrick Loveless, Solon (52-139)
.403Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg (50-124)

Total Hits

70Cody Strang, Solon
63Ben Weeks, Solon
60Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
58Ben Bergman, Solon
57Eric Reittinger, Beckman, Dyersville
57Trevor Harris, Sumner-Fredericksburg
54Matt Schmitt, Sumner-Fredericksburg
54Tyler Smith, Solon
52Derrick Loveless, Solon
50Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
50Isaac Willenbring, Beckman, Dyersville
48Nate Hall, Beckman, Dyersville
47Dawson Kuhlmann, Sumner-Fredericksburg
47Travis Rahe, Beckman, Dyersville
45Paul Johnson, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
44Jon Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
44Jake Waters, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
44Joe Stoker, Gilbert
42Craig Kerper, Beckman, Dyersville
42Dillion Wickett, Interstate 35
42Nick Clark, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
41Eric DeSousa, Beckman, Dyersville
41Greg Mohs, Sumner-Fredericksburg
39Matt Koch, Cherokee
39Cody Ege, Cherokee
39Joe Goodman, Gilbert
39Patrick Kleman, Sumner-Fredericksburg

Runs Scored

67Ben Weeks, Solon
64Cody Strang, Solon
56Mitch Schmitt, Sumner-Fredericksburg
53Derrick Loveless, Solon
49Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
43Trevor Harris, Sumner-Fredericksburg
40Dillion Wickett, Interstate 35
43Paul Johnson, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
42Eric Reittinger, Beckman, Dyersville
42Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
42Kyle Schuett, Cherokee


68Cody Strang, Solon
58Dillon Wickett, Interstate 35
57Ben Bergman, Solon
57Mitch Schmitt, Sumner-Fredericksburg
53Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
46Ben Weeks, Solon
41Shawn Olson, Solon
40Travis Rahe, Beckman, Dyersville
40Tyler Smith, Solon
40Sam McKinney, Interstate 35
39Sean Urzendowski, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
37Nate Hall, Beckman, Dyersville
37Trevor Harris, Sumner-Fredericksburg
36Matt Koch, Cherokee


18Cody Strang, Solon
17Dillon Wickett, Interstate 35
17Ben Bergman, Solon
14Ryne Brimeyer, Solon
13Eric Reittinger, Beckman, Dyersville
13Logan Maffett, Gilbert
13Ben Weeks, Solon
12Andrew Brown, Sumner-Fredericksburg
12Joe Stoker, Gilbert
12Derrick Loveless, Solon
12Mitch Schmitt, Sumner-Fredericksburg
12Shawn Olson, Solon
12Trevor Harris, Sumner-Fredericksburg


6Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
6Patrick Flattery, Saint Edmond
5John Engler, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
3Nate Steger, Beckman, Dyersville
2Cody Ege, Cherokee
2Cody Strang, Solon
2Eric Reittinger, Beckman, Dyersville
2Derrick Loveless, Solon
2Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
2Isaac Willenbring, Beckman, Dyersville
2Kyle Kleman, Sumner-Fredericksburg
2Dustin Jacque, Beckman, Dyersville
2Paul Johnson, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
2Jake Gentile, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
2Nick Day, Solon
2Nate Hall, Beckman, Dyersville
2Brandon Derrig, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge

Home Runs

14Cody Strang, Solon
11Mitch Schmitt, Sumner-Fredericksburg
11Ben Weeks, Solon
9Jon Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
9Travis Rahe, Beckman, Dyersville
9Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
8Matt Koch, Cherokee
7Joe Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
6John Engler, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
6Dillion Wickett, Interstate 35
5Jake Daniels, Interstate 35
5Eric Reittinger, Beckman, Dyersville
4Jake Gentile, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
4Derrick Loveless, Solon
4Cody Ege, Cherokee
3Joey Lester, Gilbert
3Shawn Olson, Solon
3Tyler Jones, Cherokee

Stolen Bases

26Andrew Brown, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
22Jake Waters, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
21Dillion Wickett, Interstate 35
21Derrick Loveless, Solon
21Sam McKinney, Interstate 35
18Tyler Jones, Cherokee
18Zach Moore, Interstate 35
17Nate McKinney, Interstate 35
17Eric Reittinger, Beckman, Dyersville
17Jake Gentile, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs

Most Pitching Wins

12-0Joe Goodman, Gilbert
12-1Brandon Shulista, Solon
12-1Eric DeSousa, Beckman, Dyersville
12-2Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
10-0Blake Brommel, Interstate 35
10-1Jake McGruder, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
9-0John Engler, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
9-0Ben Bergman, Solon
9-0Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
8-0Cody Ege, Cherokee
8-2Blake Debont, Gilbert
7-1Matt Koch, Cherokee
7-2Jon flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
6-0Cory Strable, Interstate 35
6-1Isaac Willenbring, Beckman, Dyersville
6-1Jake Daniel, Interstate 35
6-1Sean Urzendowski, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs

Most Innings Pitched

94Joe Goodman, Gilbert
89.7Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
76Eric DeSousa, Beckman, Dyersville
64.7Brandon Shulista, Solon
64.3Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
64Travis Rahe, Beckman, Dyersville
62Jake McGruder, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
60.7Ben Bergman, Solon
56.7Blake Brommel, Interstate 35
55Cody Ege, Cherokee
54.7Blake Debont, Gilbert
52.7Jake Daniel, Interstate 35
52Matt Koch, Cherokee
49John Engler, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
49Trevor Harris, Sumner-Fredericksburg
48.3Jon Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
46.7Kyle Kleman, Sumner-Fredericksburg
45Sean Urzendowski, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs

Lowest ERA (min 35 IP)

0.13Cody Ege, Cherokee
0.57John Engler, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
0.98Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
1.11Blake Brommel, Interstate 35
1.16Jon Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
1.19Joe Goodman, Gilbert
1.24Jake McGruder, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
1.28Blake Debont, Gilbert
1.35Matt Koch, Cherokee
1.41Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
1.52Brandon Shulista, Solon

Most Strike Outs

146Joe Goodman, Gilbert
120Ben Bergman, Solon
116Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
113Nolan Nuss, Sumner-Fredericksburg
103Eric DeSousa, Beckman, Dyersville
99Cody Ege, Cherokee
95Matt Koch, Cherokee
80Jon Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
80Brandon Shulista, Solon
71Blake Debont, Gilbert
66John Engler, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge
63Jake Daniel, Interstate 35
62Blake Brommel, Interstate 35
55Jake McGruder, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs
55Isaac Willenbring, Beckman, Dyersville
53Sean Urzendowski, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs

Fewest Walks Issued (min, 35 IP)

8Jimmy Boeckenstedt, Beckman, Dyersville (35.3 IP)
11Sean Urzendowski, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs (45 IP)
13Matt Koch, Cherokee (52 IP)
14Kyle Kleman, Sumner-Fredericksburg (46.7)
14Isaac Willenbring, Beckman, Dyersville (47 IP)
18Cody Ege, Cherokee (55 IP)
19Ben Bergman, Solon (60.7 IP)
20John Engler, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge (49 IP)
20Brandon Shulista, Solon (64.7 IP)
23Jon Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge (48.3 IP)

Fewest Hits Allowed (min. 35 IP)

25Matt Koch, Cherokee (52 IP)
26John Engler, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge (49 IP)
28Joey Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge (64.3 IP)
30Cody Ege, Cherokee (55 IP)
31Jon Flattery, Saint Edmond, Fort Dodge (48.3 IP)
32Blake Debont, Gilbert (54.7 IP)
33Isaac Willenbring, Beckman, Dyersville (47 IP)
38Ben Bergman, Solon (60.7 IP)
39Jake McGruder, Saint Albert, Council Bluffs (62 IP)
39Blake Brommel, Interstate 35 (56.7 IP)

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