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Cherokee County Fair 4-H Results

Monday, July 27, 2009

4-H Swine Show Results

(July 9, 2009)

Grand Champion Market Barrow:Mitch Brady
Reserve Champion Market Barrow:Joe Peters
Grand Champion Market Gilt:Mitch Brady
Reserve Champion Market Gilt:Sara Peters
Grand Champion Market Individual Overall:Mitch Brady
Reserve Champion Market Individual Overall:Sara Peters
Grand Champion Pen-of-Three:Mitch Brady
Reserve Champion Pen-of-ThreeJoe Peters
Grand Champion Breeding Gilt:Audrey Winterhof
Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt:Clare Conley
Grand Champion Senior Showmanship:Sara Peters
Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship:Audrey Winterhof
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship:Gracie Winterhof
Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship:Joe Peters
4-H Carcass Contest - Live Placings:1 Mitch Brady
2 Amber Neisius
3 Mitch Brady
4 Sara Peters5 Amber Neisius

4-H Rabbit Show

(July 9, 2009)

Best Commercial:Joel VandeLune
Best Opposite Commercial:Jasey Stowater
Best Fancy:Kelsey Sears
Best Opposite Fancy:Austin Whited
Best Crossbred:Lacie Sleezer
Best of Show:Joel VandeLune
Grand Champion Senior Showmanship:Krista Mugge
Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship:Kelsey Sears
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship:Christian VandeLune
Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship:Joel VandeLune

4-H Poultry Show

(July 9, 2009)

Grand Champion Commercial Poultry:Joel VandeLune
Reserve Champion Commercial Poultry:Sara Peters
Grand Champion Chicken Overall:Joel VandeLune
Reserve Champion Chicken Overall:Sara Peters
Grand Champion Bantam Overall:Sara Peters
Reserve Champion Bantam Overall:Joe Peters
Grand Champion Duck Overall:Joe Peters
Reserve Champion Duck Overall:Blake Halverson
Grand Champion Goose:Sara Peters
Reserve Champion Goose:Mark Peters
Best of Show:Sara Peters
Reserve Best of Show:Sara Peters
Grand Champion Senior Showmanship:Sara Peters
Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship:
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship:Jon-Michael Henry
Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship:Robin Gutheridge

4-H Dairy Show

(July 10, 2009)

Guernsey:Junior Heifer Grand Chamion:Josie Kindwall
Junior Heifer Reserve Champion:None
Senior Heifer Grand Champion:Josie Kindwall
Senior Heifer Reserve Champion: None
Grand Champion Overall:Josie Kindwall
Reserve Champion Overall:Josie Kindwall
Holstein:Junior Heifer Grand Champion:Jacob Kindwall
Junior Heifer Reserve Champion:Courtney Behrens
Senior Heifer Grand Champion:Jacob Kach
Senior Heifer Reserve Champion:Joshua Kach
Grand Champion Overall:Jacob Kach
Reserve Champion Overall:Joshua Kach
Special Class "Daughter/Dam":Courtney Behrens
Special Class "Best 2 Females":Jacob & Joshua Kach
Grand Champion Senior Showmanship:Courtney Behrens
Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship:Nate O'Bryan
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship:Josie Kindwall
Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship:Colby Behrens

Open Bucket/Bottle Calf Show

(July 10, 2009)

Sydney Woltman

Jared Woltman

Becca Cowans

Carter Jacobson

Ashlyn Wilkie

Steven Ruba

Jacob Friedrichsen

Emma Friedrichsen

Kristian Stowater

Drew Ducommun

Jaden Ducommun

Jena Jenness

Katlyne Pitts

Emily Schlenger

Jaylee Happe

Jacob Tuttle

John Tuttle

Sam Kach

Sarah Kach

Raegen Brunsteing

Trey Timmerman

Cole Timmerman

Madison Stief

Austin Wilkie

Coleton Pitts

Rylee Pitts

Tyler Pitts

4-H Horse Show

(July 12, 2009)

Grand Champion Pony:Mitchell Stief
Reserve Champion Pony:Austin Whited
Grand Champion Mare:Blake Halverson
Reserve Champion Mare:Katie Cedar
Grand Champion Gelding:Levi Letche
Reserve Champion Gelding:Shelby Guerra
Grand Champion Senior Showmanship:Chyenne Mortenson
Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship:Rachel Corken
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship:Katie Cedar
Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship:Blake Halverson

Grand Champion 1st & 2nd Year Exhibitor

Showmanship:Kacie Weiland

Reserve Champion 1st & 2nd Year Exhibitor

ShowmanshipSamantha Langschwager

4-H/FFA Livestock Judging Contests

( July 10)

Cherokee County - Individuals:

1.Melissa Tabke320
2.Marshall Stief296
3.Katie Cedar238
4.Nick O'Bryan237
5.Michala Tuttle234
6.Sara Peters234
7.Austin Whited231
8.Levi Letche229
9.Emily Woltman220
10.Shania Rassel219

District Contest - Teams:

1.Akron Westfield862
2.Sioux Center 77A862
3.Kingsley Pierson 77A 847
4.Rocky Union 4-H834
5.East Sac 77A838
6.Jackson County 4-H835
7.Akron Westfield #2778
8.Cherokee Animal 777
9.Buena Vista 4-H772
10.Maple Valley 77A769

District Contest Individuals:

1.Andrew Volkert-Rocky Union 4-H334
2.Justin Rupnow-Jackson 4-H334
3.Sean Robinson-Sioux Center FFA330
4.Melissa Tabke-Cherokee320
5.Jeremie Peterson- Buena Vista 4-H315
6.Paisley Conlon-Maple Valley FFA296
7.Marshall Stief-Cherokee Cavaliers296
8.Jessica Webster-Akron Westfield292
9.Zach Pratt-Kingsley Pierson290
10.Tyler Vreugdenhil-Akron Westfield286

4-H Pet Show

2009 Cherokee County Fair

( July 11 )

Cats - Blues:Leah Peterson with Paul
Dogs - Blues:Jacob Kindwall with Gunner
Miranda Wyatt with Fuzzy
Paige Kraft with Daisey
Fran Conley with Bailey
Clare Conley with Bailey

Fun Events:

Smartest Pet:Paige Kraft with Daisey
Most Beautiful PetLeah Peterson with Paul
Best Dressed PetJacob Kindwall with Gunner
Miranda Wyatt with Fuzzy
Longest PetFran and Clare Conley
With Bailey

4-H Dog Obedience Show

2009 Cherokee County Fair

( July 11 )

Grand Champion Pre-Novice A Dog Obedience:Miranda Wyatt with Fuzzy

4-H Sheep Show

2009 Cherokee County Fair

(July 11)

Grand Champion Commercial

Breeding Ewe Lamb:Emma Kaskey
Grand Champion Market Lamb:Cody Stowater
Reserve Champion Market Lamb:Emma Kaskey
Grand Champion Pen-of-Three:Cody Stowater
Grand Champion Senior Showmanship:Cody Stowater
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship:Emma Kaskey


Market Lambs:Placing Daily Rate of Gain
1Emma Kaskey0.6765
2Cody Stowater0.4706
3Cody Stowater0.4559
4Cody Stowater0.4265

4-H Meat Goat Show

2009 Cherokee County Fair

( July 11)

Grand Champion Breeding Meat Goat:Levi Letche
Reserve Champion Breeding Meat Goat:Levi Letsche
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship:Levi Letsche
Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship:Amanda Nielsen

4-H Beef Show

2009 Cherokee County Fair

( July 11)

Breeding Beef:

Grand Champion Calf Selection - Heifers:Jacob Spieler
Reserve Champion Calf Selection - Heifers:Katie Cedar
Grand Champion Calf Selection Steers/Bulls:Katie Cedar
Reserve Champion Calf Selection Steers/Bulls:Jacey Solko
Grand Champion Calf Selection (Overall):Jacob Spieler
Reserve Champion Calf Selection (Overall):Katie Cedar
Grand Champion Foundation Herd (Cow-Calf):Madyson Kelley
Reserve Champion Foundation Herd (Cow-Calf):Dillon Mugge
Grand Champion Purebred Breeding Heifer:Jacob Spieler
Reserve Champion Purebred Breeding Heifer:Kale Nelson
Grand Champion Commercial Breeding Heifer:Nathan Vrieze
Reserve Champion Commercial Breeding Heifer:Kale Nelson
Supreme Breeding Champion:Jacob Spieler
Reserve Supreme Breeding Champion:Nathan Vrieze
Champion County Drop Breeding Female:Shania Rassel
Reserve Champion County Breeding Female:Kale Nelson

Market Beef:

Grand Champion Market Heifer:Amber Neisius
Reserve Champion Market Heifer:Sara Peters
Grand Champion County Drop Market Heifer:Amber Neisius
Reserve Champion County Drop Market Heifer:Sara Peters
Grand Champion Market Steer:Brady Pingel
Reserve Champion Market Steer:Sara Peters
Champion County Drop Market Steer:Kacy Wolf
Reserve Champion County Drop Market Steer:Amber Neisius
Grand Champion Senior Showmanship:Sara Peters
Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship:Brady Pingel
Grand Champion Junior Showmanship:Laird Waller
Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship:Jacob Spieler

Market Beef

Rate-of-Gain: Placing Daily Rate of Gain

1Kacy Wolf3.83
2Laird Waller3.59
3Laird Waller3.53
4Brady Pingel3.23
5Mitchell Stief3.01
6Mitchell Sangl2.99
7Amber Neisius2.97
8Sara Peters2.59
8Austin Whited2.31
10Austin Whited2.22
Grand Champion Purebred Pen of 3 Breeding Heifers:Kirk Stowater
Reserve Champion Purebred Pen of 3 Breeding Heifers:Dillon Mugge
Grand Champion Commercial Pen of 3 Heifers:Sara Peters
Reserve Champion Commercial Pen of 3 Heifers:Erin Kelley
Grand Champion Pen of 3 Heifers Overall:Sara Peters
Reserve Champion Pen of 3 Heifers Overall:Erin Kelley

4-H Advanced Cattle Feeding

2009 Cherokee County Fair

(July 11)

Champion Advanced Cattle Feeding-Steers: Whitnie Sleezer
Reserve Champion Advanced Cattle Feeding-Steers:Kirk Stowater

Advanced Cattle Feeding


Placing Daily Rate of Gain

1.Cassie Sleezer3.6230
1.Whitnie Sleezer3.5706
2.Whitnie Sleezer3.4973
3.Lacie Sleezer3.1937
4.Kirk Stowater3.1413
5.Cassie Sleezer3.1099
6.Whitnie Sleezer2.9947
7.Cassie Sleezer2.8481
8.Kirk Stowater2.8272
8.Kirk Stowater2.6701
10.Lacie Sleezer2.4607
Frank Bryant Memorial Award: Kirk Stowater

4-H Clothing Revue

2009 Cherokee County Fair

( July 11)

Senior Girls Selected:1stAudrey Winterhof
2nd Nicole Springer

Intermediate Girls Selected:1stClara Wulfsen
2nd Gracie Winterhof
Intermediate Boys Selected:1stBrian Nelson
Junior Girls Selected:1stTaylor VandeLune
2ndRiley Dolphin
Senior Girls Constructed:1st Sara Peters
2nd Nicole Springer
Junior Girls Constructed:1stElizabeth Wulfsen
2ndRiley Dolphin
Senior $15 Challenge:1stNicole Springer
2nd Ashley Brady
Intermediate $15 Challenge:1stTaylor Rohwer
2ndGracie Winterhof
Junior $ 15 Challenge:1stRiley Dolphin
2ndTaylor VandeLune

Pride of Iowa Contest

2009 Cherokee County Fair

( July 9)

Grand Champion:Nicole Springer, Mill Creek Valley 4-H Club
Pork Lollipops
Reserve Champion:Clara and Elizabeth Wulfsen, Mill Creek Valley
Corn Salad

Third Place:Nicole Barry and Justin Cave, Tilden Tillers 4-H Club

Apple Pie Tartlet

4-H Communications

(July 12)

Educational Presentations:

Austin Whited-"Diseases in Ruminents" Blue Ribbon

Brian Nelson-"Folding the Flag"- Lavender Ribbon-Advances to District Fair

Nicole Springer-"Got Feelings"- Purple Ribbon-Advances to State Fair

Working Exhibits:

Sara Peters & Jill Addison-"Gourdies"- Purple Ribbon-Advances to State Fair

Nicole Springer- Ornament Bells-Purple Ribbon-Advances to State Fair

Clara & Elizabeth Wulfsen-Purple-Advances to State Fair

Brian Nelson- Straw Arrows-Blue Ribbon

Share The Fun:

Gracie Winterhof-Piano Solo- Purple-Advances to State Fair

Audrey & Gracie Winterhof-Piano Duet- Purple-Advances to State Fair

Nicole Springer-Saxophone Solo-Purple-Advances to State Fair

Audrey Winterhof,Jordan Glawe & Hilary Zarr-"Dat's Amore"- Purple-Advances to State Fair

Clare Conley-Solo-Blue Ribbon

Clare & Fran Conley-Duet-Blue Ribbon

Extemporaneous Speaking:

Nicole Springer Red Ribbon

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