Why not all beverage containers?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

With the State Legislature each session pondering a revised recycling bill aimed at empty beverage containers, we ask, Why has the State of Iowa not put a 5-cent deposit on all those water and sports drink bottles like it did on soda and beer containers all those many years ago? Is there some sort of discrimination going on here?

The concern here is how fast these containers will serve as the bulk to fill up our "sanitary" landfills. By now, we all know how ugly they are spread about everywhere as litter because they have no value. Kids too often appear to be the main culprits, tossing the empties out car windows at will, and will ain't liking it. Areas around our schools are sometimes cluttered with such litter.

"They're recyclable just like the pop and beer cans and bottles," said one wag. "Why isn't there a 5-cent deposit on them? Now, they're not worth anything so nobody collects them like they do the nickel empties. You see 'em flattened on the streets, parking lots and sidewalks wherever you look."

Good point. Very good point.

So, too, we have noticed the mess left in the gymnasiums, courts, dugouts and bleacher areas after high school, college, and youth games year round throughout the area. After the games, the venues are littered with discarded water and sports drink bottles. Ditto in the weeds, rough, and trash cans on our area golf courses.

The refundable 5-cent pop cans and bottles are usually snapped up by someone or recycling, but the "worthless" water, tea, and sports drink bottles can lie there until they're tossed into the trash cans, or blown into the streets, ditches and yards as litter.

We urge our Legislators to - sooner rather than later-attach a nickel value to all such containers so they, too, can be recycled in the continuing effort to keep clean our environment and add sorely-needed longevity to our landfills.

The price we must pay to expand and relocate our landfills is astronomical. And, we all know it.

We're in the midst of the "Greening of America," aren't we? Please, let's have action on this.