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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Winding Roads: What do you think?

Friday, July 31, 2009

Government Insurance is looming ahead if everyone doesn't get their act together. I mean if you think you can sit back and just hope it (a) won't really be that bad or (b) it just won't pass through Congress, you better get a grip on yourself. This is one time you ought to let your elected officials know you aren't just unhappy but that you are furious.

I believe it would be just a very good idea that all of the elected officials should be put on the insurance they are advocating for every Joe Blow and let them live with it for at least a year. Perhaps we should call it a national test run to work out the kinks. Then, perhaps we could go national. Only that wouldn't really be a long enough test cycle as there wouldn't be enough serious health issues to see how it would effect the general over-all population.

These guys aren't that knowledgeable of what's in the policy and how that would effect the doctor's ability to treat their patients. That doesn't even get us to the costs of such a policy. That is enough to drive us all to a nervous breakdown.

Why are we going to such extremes to take care of those without health insurance? As many people have commented to me, just make sure we stop paying for illegals health expenses and then, take out about one to two government employees for every 10 that are employed today.

They talk about down-sizing the federal government but all they ever do is to add employees. The third thing they could do is to review many expenses for running these government departments or agencies and cut down the overhead.

Now some of you may laugh at this but honestly, this is true. After the last hospitalization, we kept getting checks to pay for this and that. I mean at least a dozen checks in one envelope. Now wouldn't it have been smarter to add the amounts up and send only one check? To me, it is wasteful and I just bet my life that it's handled this way time and time again. I get angry every time I open an envelope.

Older folks are getting scared as their lives may be devalued. By that, I mean, health care will be prioritized by age. If you're old, why spend many dollars on you and instead, it should go to younger folks. Can we play God on who gets medical health and who doesn't?

The other thing that concerns me is that once they get a health insurance policy and it turns out to be terrible, how will that mess ever get straightened out? That is really worrisome.

So what I think is that you need to contact Grassley and Harkin and be strong in telling them it is too much too quickly without thinking things through. why have a date to have such a policy passed?

I'll tell you why---so the Democracts can boast how they tried to help the good old folks and keep their jobs. If it goes wrong, it will be something that no one could be expected to know.They will throw their hands up in the air and say they tried to do their best by us. At that time they will expect us to applaud their efforts as we are running to the bathroom to up-chuck. God help us all. Now get out your pen or dial a number. Oh yes, it's very possible Grassley will be around on Aug. break. Make sure you get there or see King or Harkin. Make them hear you.