You probably think this song is about you

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sometimes, you just can't win, so you begin to ponder if it's even worth playing the game.

The past few days we have been approached by a couple of readers complaining about the Cherokee Braves coverage at the Iowa State High School Baseball Championships by the Chronicle Times and KCHE Radio in Cherokee.

One guy asked why the Cherokee Braves played in the State Tournament for the fifth consecutive year and there were no stories or photos on the front page?

We advised the man that the Braves won their first game at State this year and that there was, indeed, a front page photo of the team in celebration in the very next issue, and that there were five more photos in full color and the full story on the back page, plus directions and ticket information to Principal Park in Des Moines for the semifinals! Included in that coverage were a photo of the winning pitcher, the player scoring the winning run at home plate, and the entire team racing to first base to mob the player who furnished the winning RBI single to win the 1-0 game.

When the Braves lost close to midnight Thursday night in the semifinals, we returned home and wrapped up the Monday Chronicle Times issue late Friday afternoon. That story and four large photos ran in full color on the back page.

Why wasn't that stuff on the front page? asked the man.

We lost, he was told. Had the Braves made the Championship game, from that point on there would have been Page 1 photos, win or lose.

It should be noted that when the Braves won the Substate game in Sioux Center, the next CT issue contained a Page 1 photo referencing the back page story with five more photos in full color.

Another complainer asked us why KCHE broadcasts the Cherokee games on AM instead of FM. "We can't even get AM 10 miles out of town," said the man.

When told that we can't speak for KCHE, that he'd have to ask them, he said, "Why? You're all in the same business. You ask them."

With thick skin developed through many years in the newspaper business of trying to please everyone and knowing that's impossible, we quickly dismissed the complainers, left the scene, and returned to work.

Back at the desk, there was an anonymous letter waiting there complaining that they were sick and tired or reading about, and seeing photos of the Cherokee Braves baseball team. "You even put them on the front page sometimes!" exclaimed the cowardly writer.


On a brighter note, we hear Tyson's is hiring.