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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads: To have health plan or do without

Monday, August 17, 2009

Riding in the car Wednesday, we listened to Fox News and CNN as we were curious how much of a storm of protest would greet Senator Grassley as he held his town meetings. I never thought I'd see the day when I would advocate people to raise their voices. As emotions begin to run high so did the volume but Iowans have a tendency to be a little more muted.

I do have faith in Grassley as he is about an honest of a politician that one can find. So many play the game of saying what gets them votes. He isn't so much that way. When asked how one could acquire the health insurance plan he has, Grassley honestly answered, "By working for the federal government." He wasn't trying to be a smart alec as some news media would have you think.

What I would like to see is pressure put on Congress to put all federal employees on the plan they come up with for the masses and wait a year before they even pass on one for the general public. Let them work the kinks out with themselves.

While at Mayo Clinic and before the surgeon left the room, I asked him how much of the Mayo hierarchy supports Obama's plan. He smiled as I added, "I hope Mayo wouldn't give in." The nurses laughed as did he, the majority of them do not want to see it pass.

We do need to do something to lower costs. I don't think we need to help pay for illegals. Send them back to Mexico if they are in need of medical help. Heavens, send them back period. Our country has less and less respect by others as we ignore our borders. Now I read how U.S. border guards are being bought off so the illegals can cross over.

I can remember my dad saying in the early 1900's when one wanted to live in the U.S., he was German, they had to have a sponsor, a place to live and a job prospect ,as well as a small amount of money in their pockets. Why wouldn't that be good for today? Especially the requirement of a sponsor and a place to live.

I guess I'm just not that smart to understand why the government thinks it can run public health when it fails miserably in taking care of our vets. The post office system is in shambles. CEO's can receive zillions as their companies are in debt to the U.S. tax-payers and the list goes on. How can teachers in the class room brag about how well this country does when people are so upset?

This is beginning to sound like my patriotism is shrinking. Well it's not but we need better examples to teach our kids right from wrong. It is definitely a struggle. As far as the economist goes in regards to a recession being over, I think we might be on a very short-lived respite. Wait until the heat bills start rolling in, warm weather jobs are done and government money handed out disappears. People will become depressed.

Even the war in Afghanistan keeps adding up our debts. Iraq has more bombings as our troops are pulled out. Will our generation ever see peace in that area? I doubt it and the whole situation is draining our assets down the tube.

How much money do you think the government can print without the wherewithal to back it up? Do you think China will need some of their money back?