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Tales from the Quimby Library

Monday, August 17, 2009

We are wrapping up another summer of fun at our library. By now, most schools have started. I will miss all the activity at the library.

Our "Be Creative @ Your Library" program was so much fun. Cletus Henke, the magician, led us off on Monday with some awesome magic tricks, including his beautiful ring-necked dove, magic rings, and ropes. The kids especially enjoyed the audience participation tricks.

Janane Ebert joined us on Tuesday. She provided every kid with their own quilt block and fabric pieces to create their own design. The cool part was she made each block "to-go", that is, the block could be rolled up with the fabric pieces inside and tied with the attached cord. Katie, Mary, and I each took one home to design our own block. Janane had several traditional quilt block designs for us to see and encouraged us to try our own. We saw two of Janane's quilts that she brought with her, and had an impromptu contest to name the quilt design she had created.

Wednesday, Andrea Urban taught us about primary and secondary colors with the paints and paper she brought. She showed the kids how you don't even need brushes to paint! Using cardstock, Andrea created stamps and different shapes to use as tools to paint with. She demonstrated how to use these simple tools to paint a picture. We practiced blending colors and using the different stamps and tools. Then we worked on our special masterpieces. It was amazing how artistic (and messy) the kids could be. (No worries Ů it was a water-based paint and washed right off of little hands and fingers).

Angie Ratcliffe brought an Australian instrument called the didgeridoo on Thursday. She explained the history of the instrument and the artwork, which adorned it. We listened to a CD of didgeridoo music. I had heard instrumental music of this kind before, but hadn't realized it was a didgeridoo. We all made and decorated our own didgeridoo out of paper towel tubes, waxed paper, and a rubber band. The kids wrote song lyrics to go with their instruments and we had a songfest and a great time.

Friday night we met in the Quimby Park for our grand finale to the week. I tried to stump the kids in a session of "Name That Tune," but wasn't able to slip one by them. Katie and Mary Foley brought a wonderful children's CD to play for a rollicking game of "musical chairs"(modified for playing without chairs). Then we played the kids' favorite "Duck Duck Goose" game before topping off the night with popsicles, prizes, and certificates for every kid who had attended.

I want to thank:

All the kids who came to story hour and our program

The parents and grandparents who brought the kids to the library

Katie and Mary Foley who helped out with the program

My guest presenters for the program: Cletus Henke, Janane Ebert, Andrea Urban,

and Angie Ratcliffe

Godfather's Pizza for the free pizza coupons

Kings Pointe Water Park for the free passes

Everyone who donated craft supplies

And from the "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" department:

Hel-lo÷.is somebody going to play with me? (Clarsie was feeling just a little lonely)

Do you have a headache? (Blake caught me after an especially hectic story hour, how nice of him to ask.)

I love you Linda (Beau knew he had pushed the envelope a little too far)

I'm sorry I ran in the library (Zach learned his lesson from the book Library Lion, of course he was forgiven)

Go Fish. (our favorite card game during story hour; Zach was usually the winner Ů what a card shark.)

When school starts, it is going to seem very quiet in the library÷÷Until next time, keep on reading.