Tyson Deli successes trigger housing boom

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ηave you had a house for sale for the past few months with few prospects?

Have you thought about finding that smaller home to retire in, but do not believe that this is the economy in which to sell your larger home?

Have you wanted to make improvements to your rental property, but questioned what type of return you will get on your investment?

Well, perhaps the answer is now as Cherokee realtors, the Cherokee Mayor and City Council, the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce, and the Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation (CAEDC) work diligently and wisely to accomodate a growing list of new and prospective employees of Tyson Deli and other major employers of Cherokee seeking housing alternatives. Most are looking for safe, modest housing.

Since January 1, Tyson has hired more than 100 new employees. According to General Manager Jerry Menke, an additional 100 employees could be hired by December 31. Many of these new employees are being

recruited from a recently closed Tyson plant in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

These are proven, hard-working employees who would like to make the move - but are facing difficulties finding suitable rental housing for their family. Other prospective employees are coming from other Midwestern states. Many prefer renting, at least temporarily, while becoming familiar with northwest Iowa and Cherokee. But once located in Cherokee, we all know that our school system, parks, community facilities, the people, and wide variety of community events will convince nearly all to make Cherokee their new permanent home.

If your house is for sale and vacant, but without any prospects, you are encouraged to consider making it available for rent. The more prospective new citizens find housing in Cherokee, the more demand will increase for homes to purchase, as well as rent. Short term rental agreements, with options to purchase, will turn over into firm sales of housing units.

Real estate demand will increase dramatically if we are able to find temporary, start-up housing for the many new employees of our major industries and businesses.

If you have a house for sale or rent, please contact your local realtor, Cherokee City offices, the Chamber of Commerce, or the Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation.

Feel free to contact Mayor Pam Pierce at 225-5749 (City Hall), CAEDC Director Mark Buschkamp at 225-5739, or Chamber Director Julie Herring - Kent at 225-6414 for more information.

This is all great news for Cherokee, as many communities large and small across the country, are battling global recession and high unemployment rates.

Kudos all around to the Cherokee Tyson Deli management team and their outstanding work force for their efforts at making the Cherokee plant an efficient, productive operation that its parent company values enough to continue investing in expansion and product lines serving the world.