How about them Buffalo Heads?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It was entertaining for us to travel down memory lane last week with the "Buffalo Heads" as they reunited after 27 years to perform Saturday night at the 50th Anniversary of the Bill Riley Talent Show at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

The very first winner of the very first Bill Riley Talent Show at the Cherokee County Fair in 1981, the Buffalo Heads performed at the special Winners Concert at the Iowa State Fair Saturday.

The hip and chic boys Barbershop Quartet from Cherokee wowed the crowds those 28 years ago by winning the Cherokee County Fair's inaugural Bill Riley Talent Show directed, as it still is today, by Cherokee's Sherry Held.

The original Buffalo Head members - Cherokee Washington High seniors at the time - include Doug Cline, Aaron Kjennas, Tom Lee, and Dennis Goodwin.

After winning the Cherokee Bill Riley Show competition, the charismatic quartet advanced in 1981 to the semifinal round at the Iowa State Fair. However, they so impressed the late Riley by their performance, that he advised the boys to return the next year for a shot at winning the 1982 Iowa State Fair Talent Show.

Bingo. They did. And they did!

Today, Cline lives in Johnston, Kjennas in Minnesota, Lee in Texas, and Goodwin in Kansas City.

With their colorful Cherokee history and admitted willingness to help out their home town, we take this opportunity to encourage the Cherokee County Fair Board to get creative and involve the Buffalo Heads in the Cherokee County Fair in some capacity.

Cline, a school teacher with some free time in the summer, atended the 2009 Cherokee County Fair and the Bill Riley Talent Show. Today he directs the Bill Riley Talent Show each year in Johnston and has volunteered to assist Held next summer at the Cherokee County Fair.

We think is would be really opportunistic and a true shot in the arm for the Cherokee County Fair if the Board would invite the Buffalo Heads to perform in 2010 (and beyond!).

Of course, the quartet would have to embrace the idea, have their expenses covered, and the logistics would have to be worked out regarding their work and life schedules, but it's just a thought.

We think, a really good thought.