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Winding Roads : Staying busy is good

Monday, September 14, 2009

I haven't dropped off the side of the earth but have truly been busy with family activities. Nearly 20 years ago, I had relatives on my mother's side of the family from Wales make connections with me. Actually, they wrote an uncle of mine who in turned asked me to explain how may there were of us in the states, where and so forth. They have made three trips to the States to see us with the last one being 10 days ago. We are delighted with their visits and learn more each time of our heritage.

Their oldest son is starting college while the youngest has a couple of years to complete the equivalent of our high school years. Our grandsons skip one whole day of school to spend with them. All four enjoyed watching football practice at MMC for a couple of days. Love listening to them talk with their accents and eating with knife and fork.

I gave them a Marcus cookbook and starred recipes shared by those who have a reputation for being excellent cooks. I started three weeks prior to their arrival by making pies and rolls for the freezer. A few days prior I made some salads with a vinegar based dressing. When daughter arrived, we made others.

I actually had to write down a list of what the daily menu would be to stay with the program, so to speak. It really allowed me to enjoy their company. I had other relatives come also. One was a cousin from Texas who began her life in California and then Florida. Our paths never crossed yet. Once we met, we were like two peas in a pod. We had a great time and would love to do it again---which we will. We really liked the Guesthouse Motel to be our extended bedrooms.

Now, the pressure is being put on us to fly there before they downsize their home. They have five bedrooms with baths. I'm just not so thrilled at flying across the ocean. I'd never make being a world traveler.

We made another day trip to Mayo Clinic and then I started my next major project

after cleaning house---that took a few days. My project has been moving flowers. when I moved some in from the farm, I just put them here and there. As I bought plants the last two years, I just planted them where there was some space. Bad Idea as some short plants were stuck in back and covered up by the taller ones. So, I have been busy replanting them.

Now I know why some older folks have few flowers and more shrubs. It takes some work and elbow grease not to mention leg power to dig holes. I didn't want Clarence to undo some major healing so I went looking for some guy to dig holes for flowers. Very few boys around with time on their hands as they are gearing up for sports. I finally found a willing neighbor not too far away---Terry Reusch. I was ever so grateful for his willingness to help out.

I tried to time this with predicted rainfall which was supposed to start some time between Tuesday evening and Wednesday. It's past Thursday and still no rain. I've been watering hoping that I haven't killed off too many plants. About four of them look like they might need some vital help to survive. I admire folks with beautiful gardens but mine doesn't fit that description yet. I don't know if it ever will. After a few years of frustration, I may go to shrubs.

It's wonderful to set goals to make---it keeps seniors busy and more content with life.