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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads : What change do you want?

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Hohbachs were back at the Mayo Clinic this past week and everywhere we went, the topic in the center of the great majority of the conversation was health insurance and what the government should or should not do. Perhaps that was inevitable considering where we were but the tone of these discussions was one of disgust and worrisome for these folks. As we signed off, so to speak, with one of the surgeons, I commented people are upset and I would hope Mayo wouldn't support much of what the Democrats are putting out. He gave a reassuring smile that they would not.

I don't know if the younger generations realize how important it is that this is done right and I don't understand why President Obamba has such an immediate deadline to pass health care legislation. Apparently he feels it must go quick before the troops rally to defeat it.

Many people voted the way they did due to Obamba's talent of speaking. He has a great way with words and it all sounded so wonderful such as this great nation should provide better for the poor folks of this country. It all sounded so noble and pumped people up. After all, we were of the mind to throw the bums out and this guy was going to bring forth change and put some common sense into the government's decisions.

If you are dirt poor, I would imagine they were thinking this would be the gravy train to latch onto more government handouts. There are a lot of poor folks in this country as the rich get richer (well, maybe not so much this past year) and the poor get poorer.'

What burns me is Obamba saying with a straight face that no "illegals will be able to participate in this health insurance program only to later hear how illegals will be granted immediate citizenship so that they will qualify. How can this country afford to do all of that when we are dead broke? The dollars it will take to cover all of this is beyond our comprehension and I do fear what kind of health care we will have in the future.

I wasn't aware until all of this mess came up that Medicare is different in different states. Some states cover some treatments while others do not. I would think it would be the same nationwide.

Recently a friend of mine had sought help with a health problem and was put on a health routine which require certain equipment and the results were good. Lo and behold, she received a phone call saying Medicare realized she hadn't seen her doctor for a few weeks and therefore, the equipment would no longer be covered. My friend responded that everything was going good and she didn't need to see the doctor. Yet, they were adamant that she had to see the doctor for the coverage to continue so she made an appointment with the doctor. Thus, adding more to the expense side of the Medicare ledger.

This kind of thing happens more often than you think. Bills are climbing. Why not put the insurance bill they proposed on the internet? More people reading it should produce a better bill. What are they afraid of?

As one individual said, "where does it say in the constitution that your health insurance is a guaranteed right?" Giving coverage to someone who hasn't put forth a nickel to cover their medical expenses doesn't make any sense. It certainly takes away all motivation to work and provide for your family.

As I said, conversations are becoming much more heated and one wonders where this will all end. We have developed expensive technology to improved our medical care but lack the financial resources to pay for it all.

The white middle class will become extinct if you do not let your senate and house members know how you feel. I really think we need to do away with parties if it is all politics.

As far as Obamba going to plead the case for Chicago hosting the Olympics, forget it. We are broke and sometimes those cities are left holding the bag. Besides, Chicago has a lot to clean up as it is.