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Gray Matters: Adapting to Change

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We are all aware that small changes are inevitable, and over the years most of us adapt pretty well.But, when it comes to facing a really major change, it's a somewhat different matter.I happen to be in the midst of a major one right now.Let me explain.

I have lived in this same house for sixty-three years, so you see my roots are pretty deeply planted. My decision to move to an Assisted Living Facility was not easily made. However, last spring, soon after I had returned from visiting my sister who lives in such a place, a number of maintenance issues arose, all at one time.

At that point I realized that if I were living as my sister does, someone other than me could be seeing to all of those things. That started me thinking.

Some years ago we had visited Cottage Grove Place in Cedar Rapids which is only a short distance from my only daughter's home.I wasn't ready for such a step at that time, but remembering that visit was helpful. Much as I admire Marcus' own Heartland Care Center, I knew I should move to be closer to my daughter. Her sons all live nearby; a favorite niece and her family live in Iowa City, and there are a number of other friends and relatives in the area, so that all influenced my decision.

I know I'm going to miss the friends I meet every time I go downtown, the folksy chats when picking up the mail, and all of the other chance encounters our small-town environment offers. There's always the telephone and e-mail, I keep assuring myself. I will certainly miss Sunday worship at my favorite country location.

To my consternation, I have discovered that all of the churches of my denomination in Cedar Rapids offer only contemporary services which poses a bit of a dilemma for me as I definitely prefer traditional worship.

But back to the difficulties of sorting through all of my "stuff" accumulated over more than half a century. Long-forgotten memories of people and places assail me at every turn.Then the decisions (whether to save or to toss) have to be made, and that isn't always easy.

My daughter has been here several times, and many other family members are very helpful.I'm most grateful to two daughters-in-law who are willing to take all sorts of things I wouldn't have room for, but am reluctant to throw away.

Two sons and a grandson are helping me out this final week-end, so we're getting there. I'm sure that many of you have survived a similar situation, and many more will be facing it sooner or later, so you understand where I'm coming from.

It will be as easy to e-mail a column from Cedar Rapids as from Marcus, so you will continue hearing from me.

Though I'm moving across the state, I'm sure Cherokee County will always seem more like "Home."