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Candelabra Campsite?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Scout Master Bob Hoefling and Assistant Scout Master Perry Groepper perform the cook's test. Photo contributed
Perhaps the last thing one thinks they might find in a Boy Scout Campsite is a candle lit dinner for five complete with wine glasses and a waiter, right? Well that is just what the leadership of Greater Marcus Area Troop 113 (GMAT 113) planned upon.

Okay, not the waiter, he was definitely an added bonus that the network of Scouters provided unexpectedly.

The setting: Rogers Campsite. #10 at Thomas Ashford Scout Ranch (TASR) near Homer, Neb.

ASM Andrew Krebs, CM Heather Krebs, SM Bob Hoefling, ASM Perry Groepper and ASM Judy Heidesch enjoy a toast of sparkling Welch's with their pot roast. Photo contributed
The participants: Scoutmaster Bob Hoefling, Assistant Scoutmasters Judy Heidesch, Perry Groepper, Andrew Krebs, and Fundraising Chairman Heather Krebs.

Expected Waiter: Travis Brown, Head Quartermaster at TASR and responsible for the tomahawk toss at our Marcus Fair this year.

Unexpected Waiter: Assistant Scoutmaster Dave Anderson, Paullina Troop 150.

Travis Brown served as the waiter, and is pictured with a bottle of sparkling Welch's for the group's pot roast dinner. Photo contributed
Event vidiographer: Ann Anderson, Troop 150.

Cause of the event: GMAT 113 held elections last week where the outgoing Senior Patrol Leader Sawyer Heidesch handed the mantel of troop leadership to Zach Groepper with the first order of business being to plan the troop's participation in the annual Rendezvous campout at TASR. Rendezvous is held every year and brings in artisans to show today's youth how it was in the early American days. More on that in the next article about the boys campout

As is typical, the boys plan out the menu for each of the camps we go on. As leadership we learned from another troop that it sometimes goes better if the leaders feed themselves and then the boys have to eat what they make whenever they get done making it. We thought we would try that this time to see how it works. Of course, we simply cannot do anything only half way so we decided to show the boys what is possible if they plan well.

Hence, the table was set with a green cloth covered by a large lace doily in the center. Yellow linen napkins erupted out of the crystal wine glasses set around the flowered centerpiece. From the center of these colorful flowers rose a black wrought iron candelabra, complete with white candlesticks. The place settings were cream in color with a single thorny rose in the center. Coffee cups on matching saucers and real silverware completed each setting.

ASM Dave Anderson from Paullina's new troop #150 and his wife Ann were sharing the campsite with us. We explained to them that we were counting on Travis to be our waiter but we didn't think he was going to make it and we had two bottles of sparkling cider but no expert to pour. Dave piped right up. He truly lives the Scout Law, and his wife was right there with her video camera and enjoying each moment. Our menu consisted of a beef roast with carrots, onions and potatoes cooked in a dutch oven. As much as we wanted to give the scouts a bad time regarding their planning ability, and for Pete's sake it was hot dogs and hobos! I must admit that we forgot a thickening agent and didn't come up with gravy. We did put the stock in the gravy boat and it was more au jus than gravy.

As we sat for dinner, grace was said. The food, cooked by SM Bob Hoefling and ASM Perry Groepper was so amazingly good that one forgot all the hype and just chowed down!

As good as dinner was, desert was the perfect ending. Chocolate cake with peaches! Shared with the wait staff and film crew of course.

So we toasted, we drank, we ate, we conversed, we posed for photos. It was just your typical camping experience.

Oh my! We didn't tip the waiter!

Hey Dave, if you are reading this please know that Troop 113 doesn't want to be known as bad tippers so here's your tip: Always clean out your tent when it's dry!

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