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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have collected library cartoons for many years. It started with looking for something to fill a small bulletin board at the Cherokee Public Library and has mushroomed into filling a file folder. Maybe no one else quite appreciates them like I do, but laughing at one has saved more than one day for me. I have clips from Family Circus, Born Loser, Frank & Ernest, Sally Forth, Calvin and Hobbes, Hagar the Horrible, Peanuts, Blondie, B.C. to mention a few and the list goes on.

I am aided and abetted in my collecting habits by Keith Hickey, a library patron who regularly brings me new hahas as he see them in the paper. His most recent contribution was a Dennis the Menace cartoon where Dennis and his mom are standing in a library lobby with signs pointing to the computer room, the audio-visual area and the lecture hall. His mom says "I remember when we came to the library just to look for books." So true, so true.

Another one of Keith's contributions was from Rhymes with Orange captioned Librarians Go Shopping. The lady is saying to the shopkeeper "You can get the gun without the silencer, but can you get the silencer without the gun?" Only those who work in a library probably appreciate that one.

My oldest and first cartoon comes from Tiger where the two little boys are watching a police car with sirens screaming go by. One says "It went right on past your house." The other replies "Whew! All I could think about what my overdue library book." Sadly, we do ask the police department for help in retrieving overdue items, but I don't think they use their sirens.

My favorite of all times is framed at home. It's a Far Side cartoon in which the library's janitor is hitting on the librarian with the phrase "So, Ms. Smith, read any good books lately?" My husband blew it up and "edited" it to say Rod the janitor rather than Don and Ms. Lamb rather than Ms. Smith. At the time he was cleaning the library, I was the children's librarian and we had just started dating so we thought it was pretty funny.

Overdues, questions and frustrated patrons are just part of our ordinary days but a little humor softens the edges and makes us appreciate what we do. So if you see a cartoon that deals with the library, bring it in. I'll put it in my collection.

Reminder: Friends of the Library's book baskets are on display in the meeting room. Stop in, take and look and make a bid. There are some interesting and fun gifts to be had. Final bids will be taken on Saturday, December 5, at noon.

Mary Jo Ruppert
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