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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Board gives $60,000 to 4-H betterment project

Friday, November 13, 2009

City Election votes canvassed; no changes

The Cherokee County Board of Supervisors granted a funding request from the Cherokee County 4-H Council on Tuesday for the amount of $60,000.

The Cherokee County 4-H Council members Val Cedar and Bill Schwaller made their request at last week's meeting but no amount was discussed at that time. The funds will be from of the Cherokee County Rural Betterment Fund. The Board will allocate $30,000 from this year's 2009/2010 budget and $30,000 from the 2010/2011 budget, in which the Betterment Fund is a part.

The 4-H Facilities Betterment Project committee has recently been soliciting area government bodies, businesses, and individuals to help them build, expand and improve their current facilities at the Cherokee County Fairgrounds. The 4-H Facilities Betterment Project's goal is to reach $150,000.

The Board has in the past giving monies from the Rural Betterment Fund for such project as the Martin Access Project and most recently a sound system for the Marcus County Fair.

The 4-H Council is proposing to build a new multi-purpose horse building, and renovating the existing cattle barn at the Fairgrounds.

In other business, the Board canvassed the 2009 City Election results. Kady Brauninger of the Cherokee County Auditor's Office read the abstract of votes for each of the city elections that were held on Nov. 3.

In the Aurelia Mayor race; candidate Jacob Schutt, received 68 votes and write-in candidate Jim Ebel received 205 and there were 17 scattered votes, bring the total to 222 votes.

Three Aurelia At-Large Council positions were filled by write-ins, with Jeff Bowen receiving 126 votes, Matt Fredericksen 106, and Justin Schulenberg 86. Others receiving write-in votes were Dar Evans 13, Jacob Schutt eight, Loren Mongan seven, Jim Ebel seven, Mitch Langschwager six, and Dick Vogt five, along with 83 other scattered write-ins, for a total of 447 votes.

In Cleghorn, unopposed incumbents Les C. Pedersen and Todd Wetherell ran for the two At-Large Council seats, with Pedersen receiving 24 votes, and Wetherell 20. A total of 44 votes were received.

Tim Preuss received 57 votes. Robert Stout received four votes, and there were eight other scattered write-ins for the Quimby Mayor race. Total votes cast were 69.

Three write-ins also were elected for the three Quimby City Council vacancies, with Curtis Cockburn receiving 37 votes, Marshall Goettsch 31, and Tracy Stevenson 27. Others receiving write-in votes were Kevin Hill 11, Mary Haselhoff eight, Terry Sargent five, Randy Meyer five, Betty Woltman four, and Larry Nelson four. There were 56 other scattered write-in votes. Total votes were 201.

Just 337 total votes were cast in Cherokee for the Mayor's race, where unopposed newcomer Mark Murphy gleaned 291 votes. Out-going Mayor Pam Pierce, who was appointed to the post a year ago and had declined to seek election, received 29 write-in votes, along with 17 other scattered write-in votes.

Unopposed incumbent At-Large Councilmember Mick Mallory was re-elected with 295 votes, with Kent Wenck receiving five write-ins, along with 19 other scattered write-ins, for a total of 319 votes.

No one filed for the Cherokee City Council vacancy in Ward 2, and Dan Morrow was elected by write-in votes, receiving 16. Ben Jobe received 13 write-ins, Mike Morrow six, and there were 16 other scattered write-ins. Total votes were 51.

Darrell Downs was re-elected Marcus Mayor with 126 votes, while Jim Ebert received 51 write-ins. There were five scattered write-ins, for a total of 182 votes.

The two candidates filed for the two open Council seats in Marcus were Conrad Ebert, who received 173 votes, and Tony Ross, who received 133. There were eight other scattered write-ins, for a total of 314 votes.

Unopposed incumbent D.J. Sechler received 23 votes to be re-elected as Meriden Mayor, and unopposed incumbent Dan James received 21 votes to be re-elected as Larrabee Mayor.

Three filed candidates were elected to fill three positions on the Meriden City Council, with Brian Shea receiving 23 votes, Allen Campbell 22, and Shirley Korleski 20, for a total of 65 votes.

The same story occurred in Larrabee where filed City Council candidates Nick Ludwig (21 votes), Dustin Richardson (20), and Earl Cresap (19) were elected, with a total of 60 votes.

Unopposed incumbent Donald Parrott received 54 votes to be re-elected Mayor of Washta. There were four scattered write-ins, for a total of 58.

Three incumbents were re-elected to the three Washta At-Large Council seats in a hotly-contested race between six candidates. Elected were James Baumann with 37 votes, Scott Jenkins 34, and Deborah Cockburn 33. Others included Michelle McCampbell 32, Chris Shea 22, and Jamie Lee Deeds 16, for a total of 176.

Also on the ballot at Marcus was Public Measure F-2009, which reads, "Should the City of Marcus adopt an ordinance imposing a hotel/motel tax of 5-percent on the sales price of all renting and lodging units in the City of Marcus, to be effective Jan. 1, 2010, in accordance with the provisions of section 423.4 of the Code of Iowa?" That measure was defeated by 108 no votes, and 93 yes votes, for a total of 201.

Also in Washta, voters cast ballots for Public Measure E-2009, which reads, "Shall Todd Wetherell be granted a renewal on the Franchise to operate and maintain a Cable Television System in the City of Washta for a period of 25 years?" That measure narrowly passed with 31 yes votes, and 26 no votes, with a total of 57 votes.

All told, 9.8-percent of Cherokee eligible voters voted Nov. 3. There was 30.5-percent of Aurelia voters, 25.3-percent of Marcus voters, 17.6-percent of Meriden voters, 13-percent of Cleghorn voters, 33.5-percent of Washta voters, 31.2-percent of Quimby voters, and 22.6-percent of Larrabee voters. A total of 16.41 percent of Cherokee County turned out for the Nov. 3 elections.

The Board approved and signed the abstracts making all election results official.

In other business, Cherokee County Engineer Dave Shanahan addressed the Board and gave a bridge repair update and informed the Board that his department is ready to go with all snow removal equipment.

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