Thank you, Mayor Pierce

Monday, November 16, 2009

We whole-heartedly join the City Council and the entire City of Cherokee in bidding fond adieu to outgoing Mayor Pam Pierce.

Pierce was "recruited" by a special committee to serve as our Mayor after the resignation of former Mayor Dennis Henrich with one year left in his four-year term. The Cherokee businesswoman did not run for the post in the November 3 Municipal Elections.

Pierce assumed the Mayoral duties during some of the City's toughest of times, with three relatively new and inexperienced Council members, a dragged out City Administrator vacancy in the wake of the last two Administrators being relieved of their positions amidst controversy, woeful revenue extremes for city governments due to declining populations and State and Federal cutbacks, and, because of all this, the anxiety that the light at the end of the tunnel was probably an oncoming train.

Through it all, Pam Pierce persevered and prevailed. She and newly-hired City Administrator Don Eikmeier quickly formed a two-headed juggernaut that rolled up its sleeves and went to work getting the train back on track in orderly fashion one car at a time.

With the entire Council buying into such sound leadership, the Council meetings - formerly wrought with personal agendas and chaotic and controversial at times - evolved into efficient, fact-finding, problem-solving endeavors that calmed rough waters and brought a renewed sense of family to City Hall and its various departments.

Admirably, Pierce conducted the Council meetings with aplomb and a calming, sensible approach that cooled the jets of an irate citizen, a disgruntled City employee, or a frustrated Council member in an effective, solutions-oriented manner.

Today we join the many to say, "Thank you, Pam Pierce. Obviously, you were the right person at the right time for the job, and you stepped up and excelled."

With your example still fresh in Council Chambers, we look forward to continued great leadership from our new Mayor, Mark Murphy.