The Spice Rack expands services

Friday, November 27, 2009
Judy and David Klee in the doorway of their business. Photo by Dan Whitney

Luncheon specials, bakery items added to menu

The Spice Rack, owned and operated by Judy and David Klee, opened its doors at 222 W. Main St. in Cherokee in June 2006, and they have provided services unique to Cherokee throughout the ensuing three years - Judy with her baked-from-scratch, fresh-from-the-oven, delicious pastries and an assortment of various and sundry hard-to-find items for the kitchen and other rooms in the house, and David - an accomplished musician and music educator - with his state-of-the-art recording studio available to musicians throughout the area to "lay down some tracks."

In June of this year, the Klees decided to make some changes in the looks and the focus of their business, and The Spice Rack is now better than ever as we head into the Holiday season.

Customers can now dine in at The Spice Rack in downtown Cherokee, thanks to the new tables and chairs. Also note the new improved lighting. Photo by Dan Whitney

Judy decided that she really wanted to be able to serve light meals to customers over the lunch hour, and also provide a place where customers who buy the yummy, fresh baked goods from her kitchen could sit and relax and eat while talking to friends, reading the paper or watching television.

To accomplish this, the Klees reduced some of the inventory they had on the shelves - items that weren't "moving"- and rebuilt the entire front end of the store, with construction work headed up by Jimmy Davis, gutting the structure all the way through to the basement to ensure there would be no water leakage on to David's costly recording equipment in the basement studio.

Now Serving - The menu board located in the entry way at the Spice Rack gives an indication of the delectable treats that await customers on the other side of the door. Photo by Dan Whitney

They then replaced the ceiling lighting with more attractive and efficient lighting, added ceiling fans,and brought in several small tables and chairs. The windows were re-done by Valley Glass and give the Spice Rack a warmer, more inviting, old-time atmosphere, as does the awning over the windows, which shades diners on hot sunny days, but can also be cranked up to show off the new windows. They also added a small restroom for customers.

Another new addition is a small stage in the northwest corner of the room, and David plans to begin providing lunch-time entertainment in the month of December - again something unique in Cherokee. David, who has a doctorate of music and is the band director at Buena Vista University, jokingly said that his dinner music would probably be "Led Zeppelin" or perhaps "Metallica," but I think it will probably be a little tamer "dinner music." But who knows? Whatever the customers want, right?

Judy also hopes to perhaps schedule more entertainment later, possibly even in the evenings, though she also stressed that she certainly doesn't want to "step on the toes" of her kindly neighboring business, The Gathering Place, in that area. Judy also said that she plans to make the front room available for small groups to use in the evening for small events.

At the right hand of this photo (beneath the table) is a small stage at the Spice Rack, from where dinner music will soon be provided for diners. Photo by Dan Whitney

The Spice Rack is now offering hot foods ("cook's choice") over the 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. time frame Monday - Saturday, and meals are served a la carte - quick and easy, and diners can either eat in or take out. All the food, of course, even the bread, is made from scratch, on the premises.

They are, however open for business from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., and people can feel free to come in and buy some fresh-baked goodies to take out - or eat in.

The Spice Rack is also starting something new this coming Monday, November 30 - "Souper Monday." Every Monday during lunch time, from 11:30 - 1 p.m., customers can get a bowl of whatever flavor of soup Judy has chosen to cook up that day for just $1.

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