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Basic Biittner: No "CyDogs" or "Bullclones," please

Thursday, December 3, 2009

As talks progress between the administrations and athletic departments of the Aurelia and Alta School Districts regarding their future whole-grade sharing, all kinds of rumors, innuendoes, etc., etc. have (predictably) sprung up "out there."

Please, everyone. Take a deep breath, relax, enjoy the Christmas season and your families. Rest assured, a variety of issues which will need to be addressed are being considered and discussed by the people in both districts whose job it is to do so.

I, for one, plan to sit back and let things happen as they will. HOWEVER (there's always a "however," isn't there?), for what it's worth (probably about 27 cents on a good day), I hope that the following things are seriously considered before any final decisions are made.

While I realize that the Alta community would like to preserve their school colors of red and black and the "Cyclone" nickname for their athletic teams, and that the Aurelia community would probably like to retain the "Bulldogs" nickname of the great Aurelia athletic teams of the past, I hope that serious consideration is given to the nickname "Warriors" for the shared program for the simple reason that "Alta-Aurelia" also has an athletic history - the two districts shared football in the fall of 1989 and after that, from 1990- 1995, the two schools shared all varsity sports.

The logo of the 1990-1995 Alta-Aurelia Warriors was adapted from that of the Florida State University Seminoles
During that period, the Alta-Aurelia Warriors produced conference championship teams in most, if not all sports, both boys and girls. Alta-Aurelia also had the state champion boys' golf team in 1991. There is a definite history there, and a good, successful one. For the athletes who were high school in those years, the "Alta-Aurelia Warriors" were the school teams which they remember.

One of the rumors that I heard was that someone wanted the new program to be nicknamed the "Cydogs." Please, no. Not "Bullclones," either. The "Warriors" is a team nickname with a proud Alta-Aurelia history. Go back to it please.

This Warrior logo might be more "politically correct" if one wishes to avoid controversy.
School colors? Well, when the districts shared the first time around, they went with an all-new color scheme of silver and blue with a green accent. When the sharing agreement ended, Alta went back to red and black. Aurelia went back to their old nickname of Bulldogs, but unfortunately (in hind sight), they kept the new silver, blue and green colors rather than return to maroon and gold. I say "unfortunately," because personally I like the blue, silver and green. However, if the 'Dogs had returned to maroon and gold, it might make it an easier decision now, from the Alta perspective, to go back to the Warrior colors.

My personal feeling is that that is the direction to go, though - for all those alumni out there who proudly wore the Warrior uniform. I think the Alta-Aurelia banners earned by state track and field contenders and any other banners earned by A-A athletes should betaken out of mothballs (or wherever they are) an displayed in the gym, too. And if there is only one banner, the Districts should check with the state to see if a second, duplicate banner can be obtained also, and place them proudly on the walls of the gyms in both communities.

If the two towns want to continue to also display their "Alta" and "Aurelia" banners in their respective gyms that's fine, too. However (there's that word again), whatever the decision, I feel it should be the same for both communities.

Co - operation and "being on the same page" are what it's all about, if we want this thing to work out and be a source of pride for the students and townspeople in both communities.