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What Santa does after Christmas

Monday, January 4, 2010

Santa's Adventure

By Kiley Kennebeck

It was January and Christmas was over. Santa was reading the newspaper when he got a phone call from a teacher named Mrs. Klinker. She asked Santa if he could come to Cherokee and teach her third grade class and straighten them out.

Santa got ready to go to Cherokee to teach Mrs. Klinker's third grade class. Santa was ready for teaching this third grade class. Mrs. Klinker, the teacher, who called Santa was going to retire from Roosevelt Elementary because she hated teaching! She hated teaching because the kids were so naughty they didn't listen, didn't go their work, and especially weren't on task at all. Then Santa started teaching the class. Santa said, "Well, they are naughty. As a matter of fact they are very, very naughty." Then he made a plan to straighten them up. He commanded them to do things and if they didn't they would have to go see Mr. Heartlange, the principle or worse yet not get Christmas presents. So Santa straightened them up. Now they are always on track, always listening, and doing their work like there suppose to. Also now they always give letters to Mr. Claus. Now they are never naughty and get Christmas presents every year.

Santa's Vacation

By Jacob Horrell

First, Santa was going home and his reindeer were gliding in the air. He said to Mrs. Clause and all the elves that he had a terrific time on his flight. There were snowflakes falling to the ground. After delivery all his presents he went home and watched TV and ate cookies that the children had left him. It was snowing hard and it seemed like a storm. There was even lightening flashing everywhere. It was freezing outside and the snow was piling up everywhere. He decided to rest and have another vacation until the storm quit. Then after the storm he got ready for the next Christmas.

Christmas Story

By Mary McQueen

One Christmas night Santa had to get married. There was a girl who he loved. Her name was Jill Simon. She lived at the North Pole too. She had one elf. One day Santa asked her to go on a date. They went snow riding, ate cookies, chicken and ate buns. Santa liked the buns the best. They ate and they drank. Then they went to the North Pole and got married. This is how there is now a Mrs. Clause. She bakes cookies each year for Santa.

Santa's Big Vacation

By Emily Robinson

After Christmas Santa always goes to the beach. Santa's reindeer flies him to the beach. Santa and his reindeer go swimming. The water is always cold but they like it. Instead of swimming the reindeer will sometimes cover Santa up in the sand. The sand is always warm so when Santa gets out of the sand he is always sunburnt. Then Santa will go in the water to get rid of the sunburn.

After swimming, Santa goes rock climbing. After he gets to the top he usually gets scared and wants to come down. The reindeer helped him down.

One time he went to the Mississippi River. He liked swimming there too. After his vacation he goes back home to the North Pole. Mrs. Clause has cookies waiting for him on the table. Then he and his elves will go make toys for the next year.

One time Santa's sleigh was broken. The elves had to fix the engine. Santa was so proud of his elves for fixing his sleigh engine that he made the reindeer make the toys for the next year. His reindeer got the presents done four days before Christmas. Santa was so proud of the reindeer that he made the elves fly him around to deliver the presents. After that everything got back to normal. The elves made the toys and the reindeer flew Santa's sleigh.


By Caleb Wolterman

Once upon a time there was a man named Santa. He was always tired after his big night delivering presents to good boys and girls. He had just had another big night of delivering presents. When he got home Mrs. Clause was sleeping. Then Santa went to the elf factory to check on the elves to see what toys they were making for the next Christmas. Santa always gave out a lot of toys.

After his night of delivery presents Santa goes to bed. The next morning when he wakes up he goes and plays football and baseball with the elves. Then Santa will ask Mrs. Clause to make him some chocolate chip cookies and peanut better cookies. She always goes and makes Santa his cookies. Then Santa and Mrs. Clause go on a trip together. All the reindeer get ready to go too. They rest until the next Christmas.

Santa's Vacation

By Brett Larsen

Santa rides in his sleigh at night and delivers presents to all the good children. The bad children do not get presents. The children get to see their stocking full of toys in the morning. Santa watches the children in his magic globe.

One time after Santa delivered presents Rudolph, Santa's reindeer, nose fell off. They found it in time to go on their vacation to Hawaii. When Santa arrived at Hawaii he went to a hotel. When Santa got his bill it was 1,000,000 dollars. Santa fainted! Mrs. Clause had a 1,000,000 dollar to pay for the hotel. Mrs. Clause had to drag Santa up the stairs and put him to bed. When he woke up he went back to the North Pole and got ready for the next year. He never did go back to that hotel in Hawaii.

Santa's Break

By Mason Goebel

I was wondering what Santa does after Christmas? I think he plays football in the Bahamas. He flies his reindeer there. He goes to Kodak Iland to hunt for black-tail deer every year. Santa's wife, Mrs. Clause goes fishing and she cleans the elves ears once a week. Santa has always wanted to go to Cherokee, Iowa. So one day Mrs. Clause said, "We are going to go to Cherokee, Iowa. Santa was happy that they were going on another vacation. Santa got the reindeer ready for the trip. Santa couldn't find Rudolph. Then a bright light shined. "Is that you, Rudolph?" asked Santa. It was Rudolph. Santa got ready for his trip to Cherokee, Iowa. Everything was okay and off they went to Cherokee. Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause went to a Braves game and then they went home.

The Brave Santa Clause

By Trey Claycamp

It was a night after Christmas and Santa went out for a fly. It was in the middle of the night. He was not afraid of the night but that night he was. Most of the boys and girls were playing with their toys but one of the houses did not have any presents. Santa had to go to the North Pole and get a present but the children were already awake. Santa called the mom and dad and said the children did not get a present so it is up to you. The mom and dad said why. I will bring a lot of presents he said. He will take the children to the North Pole, mom and dad said okay. The children opened presents all day and they helped the elfs.

Santa's Trip

By Dylan Hamilton

It was Christmas evening like always. Santa came to all the kids' houses. He dropped off all the kids' toys. Then he went back to the North Pole. The first thing he did and got his mail and went to see Mrs. Clause. He checked his mail and threw it away. Then he saw a package that was to all the hard workers and Mr. Clause. Santa opened the package. There inside the package were two tickets to go to Hawaii. He told Mrs. Clause and they went to Hawaii. He also packed some spare presents for the next year. When he got to Hawaii a volcano erupted. It melted all of the presents. Santa said, "How are we going to get those presents back?" He kept think until he said, HA, HA, HA! I have an idea." He went to buy some wrapping paper and some toys. Then he wrapped up these toys to give out next Christmas. Then it was time to head back to the North Pole and was ready for the next Christmas.

The Christmas Toys Get Lost

By Abby Goettsch

One winter when I was only two I heard something on the roof. So, I got out of bed and looked out the window. Then right in front of me I saw Santa Clause. Then I went to the fireplace and Santa Clause came right down the chimney. Then I was just about to give him a hug but just then he said, "I'm sorry, I lost all of the presents." Right then I was sad because I was looking to have one of the best Christmases ever. Santa said to me that he would do his best to find all the toys. Then I said that I would try to help him. So I grabbed my coat, hat, and mittens and we were off. Then we came to the first house and it was really pretty. Then Santa went right down the fireplace and then I hear a scream from the fireplace. I yelled, "Are you o.k. Santa?" Santa yelled back up, "I found all the presents." Then Santa came up and sat on the snow because someone had left the fire on in the fireplace. I asked him how he got all the presents to only one house. "Well, I'm guessing that all the presents fell out when I pulled out one," said Santa. We both went back home and Christmas had now been saved.

The Day After Christmas

By Taylor Richardson

It was the day after Christmas and Santa said, "I have a Christmas present for you." Santa gave Mrs. Clause the present. Mrs. Clause asked Santa if he would wanted some hot chocolate. Santa said "Yes." Then one of the elves said "I made a gift for you." Santa said, "Thank you for the gift." Santa opened it and it was another red hat that Santa wears every Christmas Day. Santa said to all the reindeer "Merry Christmas!" Santa asked "Where is my sleigh?" Santa went to the workshop and asked the elves. "Where is my sleigh? The elves said, "We're waxing your sleigh" "Oh well, thank you!" "It turned out to be a good day." said Santa. Then suddenly Santa noticed his hat was gone. He couldn't find his new red hat anywhere. The good thing was that his workers made him another hat. He went to back the workshop. Santa said, "Thank you" to all of the elves. Santa had a good Christmas because everyone got their presents. Mrs. Clause had a good Christmas too. All of the elves had a good Christmas. Even w hen they had to work on the presents for the next year. Will you have a good Christmas? Santa hopes you do. So do I. I will!

Santa's Vacation

By Payton Slaughter

Every year after Santa delivers presents he comes back and packs up with Mrs. Clause and a few elves to go to the beautiful islands of Portorico. He packs food, cloths, money, and some supplies just in case he feels like making some toys. He does not have to pay money to get into the hotel because he says to the workers that whatever they want for Christmas they can have. So Santa stays there and swims on the island and suntans for 3 months. He has a fun time there with Mrs. Clause and the elves do not want to leave but they has to. So after 3 months Santa and everyone goes back to the North Pole and had they have a couple of cookies to eat. Santa also makes some toys but it's only March so his vacation is not over. So Santa packs once again and goes to Alaska this time. He only stays there for 1 month but he still likes going there. This time he packs his winter clothes, food, money, but not supplies. This time he does not want to. He really does not forget the Christmas cookies. He loves cookies. This time he brings Rudolph too because Rudolph always wanted to go to Alaska. He wanted to go so bad so they took Rudolph but that means the elves can't come. The elves wanted to go too but Santa said they could come next year. When they were done packing and ready they get on Rudolph and away they went. When they came back in a month Santa was tired and its April already! So Santa took an hour nap. When he woke up he started working with his elves making toys for next year.

The End

Santa's Problem

By Emily Oleson

Once upon a time there was a problem at Santa's toy workshop. The toy factory was not working. The elves had to go to another factory. The elves checked out the other toy factory and it didn't work either. The elves had to go to seventeen other toy factories. The elves and Santa thought if they checked the other ones that one will work. They only had twenty five days to get all the toys done for Christmas. They finally found a toy factory at the 17th floor of Santa's house. They began working on the toys. They got all the toys made in time. That Christmas turned out to be the best Christmas.

Santa's Cool Vacation

By Brayan DeLao

One day Santa and Mrs. Clause went to the beach. They swam together. They had a great time together. They had ice cream together. They went to the mall and bout clothes and toys. Then they went to a hotel and their bill was really expensive. They had to work hard to pay off the bill. It took them a year to pay the bill off. Santa was worried about getting everything done for Christmas. They went back to the North Pole.

Santa knew he was gong to have to work fast. When he got back to the North Pole all the toys were done. He only had to deliver them. He was so happy that the elves had made all the presents.

The next day Santa went to deliver all the toys. He had one question. Where were the elves and Mrs. Clause?" he asked himself. They had gone on vacation with the some of the reindeer. Santa decided to stay home and just eat cookies.

A Great Christmas Night

By Madyson Sund

One night Santa came to my house. He gave me 66 presents. Some of the presents I got were a Play Station 2, a Hannah Montana guitar, and a Mega Bake Center.

When I woke up the next morning I saw lots of toys under the Christmas tree. There were lots and lots of toys.

When Santa got back to the North Pole Mrs. Clause asked Santa if he wanted some cookies and hot chocolate. Santa said, "Yes." He went into the living room to watch t.v. After watching his favorite show he told the elves to go make some more toys because he had forgot some of the houses. The one house he forgot was the house on North Summit St. in Cherokee, Iowa. This was my friend's house. Santa went and left toys at the houses he had missed. Then he went home and rested.

Santa's Bad Vacation

By Don Vielle Moore

It was after Christmas and Santa wanted to go on a vacation. This is when things got bad. Santa had to pay one million dollars to go on this vacation. Santa was still thrilled. So, Santa wanted to go find dinosaur fossils. He decided to look in a volcano for dinosaur fossils. He goes in and got burnt. A spark of fire hit his hand. Then there was a talking bear and he scratched Santa because Santa was near his cave. He decided to go and look in the forest logs. He saw a log that really turned out to be a crocodile. He tried to pick it up but it bit him. Santa went back to the North Pole with the bear on his back and the crocodile on his hand. He put them in a cage. He never went on vacation again.

A Santa Story

By Treighton Schubert

On Christmas Eve Santa checked his naughty list. There were ten people on the naughty list. There names were Dan Viker, Jason Mickel, Mike Jask, Jack Snowford, Michael Vick, Michael Donward, Mickey Donwell, Pam Jose, Dan Wordell, and Tim Vick. Then Santa checked the nice list and there were five million, six hundred, and sixty-two children on this list. But there was a problem. Santa could not find his rooky reindeer. So, he had to draft a new reindeer because Comet, the reindeer had quit. So, Santa drafted a reindeer named Snowflake. Santa could not find Snowflake either. Santa looked behind the trees, his sleigh, rocks, the elves and behind his house but he still couldn't find Snowflake. Finally, he looked behind his Christmas tree and he finally found Snowflake. He was able to deliver the presents to the nice kids that year. After Christmas was over Santa thought he needed to find more reindeer. Santa and Mrs. Clause decided to move to Alaska. There they found five more reindeer. They never had problems with reindeer again.

The Santa Tale

By Dre Bezoni

One Christmas Eve there was a boy name Frank. He was only a boy that was three years old. He was the only boy in his family. It was sun down and it was also the night before Christmas. Frank was so excited. His mom said that he had to settle down so he did. The next morning he was even more excited. Last Christmas, he tried to sneak into the livingroom. Santa saw him so Santa gave him coal in his stocking. Now he knows better not to go into the livingroom and wait for Santa. That Christmas Santa left Frank a note that read:

Dear Frank,

Do you know that you should not ever sneak down to try and see me. O.k., if you do it again you will get coal. But thank you for making me my favorite Christmas cookies.



Suddenly the sun was about to set. It was getting dark. Frank couldn't get to sleep because he was so excited for Santa to come. The next day Frank woke up and saw all the presents under the tree. He saw something on the table. "Santa left you a note," said him mom. "Do you want me to read it?" she asked. It said:

Dear Frank,

You were a good boy and didn't try to sneak and find me. I have left you many presents.



That was a great Christmas for Frank and Santa enjoyed it too.

Santa's Big Break

By Megan Brown

It was Christmas Eve and Santa was delivering presents. When he got home he was very tired. Mrs. Clause was in the living room sewing a silky quilt. "Ding," went the oven. "That must be the cookies." Mrs. Clause said. "I have a surprise for you dear," said Santa and he pulled out a present. He gave it to Mrs. Clause. "Ahhhhhh." Screamed Mrs. Clause excitely. She looked like she was going to explode with excitement. "Do you like them?" asked Santa. "Of course," said Mrs. Clause. It was tickets to go to Hawaii.

They began to pack for their vacation. When they got done packing they called the airport, grabbed the cookies and headed for the airport. When they got on the plane everything were going great but when the captain announced that they were having technique difficulties. "You will all have to sky dive." Said the pilot. Then Mrs. Clause started freaking out, and grabbed Santa. Santa grabbed their gear and jumped off. Luckily they were above Hawaii and landed at their hotel. Then they gave the employers at the hotel their tickets. Then they went to their room.

They were looking at the specials and pools. Then Santa told Mrs. Clause about the pool so they went swimming. Then an employer interrupted them. "Guess what?" asked the employer. "What?" they said together. "The climbing volcano is open and they picked the number 502. It is your number on you tickets. "o.k." said Santa. He got out of the pool and headed back to the room and got dressed. Then they hoped in a limo and headed off.

When they got to the volcano it had a little eruption so they jumped off. "Look out below," yelled Santa. They landed on a canoe and it sailed back to their hotel.

Their next adventure was to go home. When they got home Santa and all of the elves joined a wrestling tournament. "Let's go!" yelled Santa with sweat rolling out. Believe it or not the elves and Santa won the wrestling tournament. Mrs. Clause gave Santa a big hug. Now their adventures were over. They went home and got ready for their next adventure to take place.

Santa's Problem

By Wyatt Kraft

It was a snowy day and all of the elves were working hard because it was only three days before Christmas. They had run out of equipment to make the toys. They were very sad. That was not their only problem. Rudolph's red glowing nose stopped glowing. The elves went to tell Santa but couldn't find him. He had flown to his house in his town. They called him on his cell phone. They told him that there were problems. Santa flew back on his two reindeer sleigh. He saved everything by using his magic. Christmas was saved and all the presents were delivered One more thing I believe in Santa, do you?

Jolly Fat Slippers

By Kinsey Voss

Santa Claus has so much to do after Christmas. After he goes to all of kids, houses he rides home on his motorcycle. When he gets home Mrs. Clause will say, "Do you want something to eat?" Santa will say, "No, because he has ate so many cookies and drank so many classes of milk already. Santa will then get in his bed. One time he didn't have his fat old jolly slippers so he asked Mrs. Clause where they were at? She said "Maybe in the letter bag where all the letters go for Santa!" He went and checked there but it wasn't there. He thought it might be in Rudolph's pen. He checked but it wasn't there. Then he thought it would be under his bed. "Nope!" he said. He said it wasn't there. Then he just said, "Ohh, never mind. I have another pair I'll go get them," He couldn't sleep because he never went to bed without his Jolly Fat slippers. They were his favorite. He got out of bed and decide to look for them again. He went out again to the reindeers' pen and there sitting in Dash's food bowl was his jolly fat slippers. He put them on and went to bed until the next Christmas.

The End Of My Story!!

The Day After Christmas

By Ashlynn Samsel

What does Santa do after Christmas? Well, I think he hangs up his own stocking. Then the Elves fill Santa's stocking with cookies. Next, Santa and Mrs. Clause go on a sled ride. Last, Santa and Mrs. Clause open their presents and eat all the cookies too. When Santa gets too fat Mrs. Clause will put him on a diet but it usually doesn't work. Santa will workout on the trend-mill but it doesn't work. Then Mrs. Clause puts him on a different diet but that doesn't work either. Mrs. Clause told Santa that she likes him just the way he is. Santa continues to workout and then prepares for the next Christmas. I think this is what Santa spends his time on after Christmas.

Santa's World

By Jake Zwiefel

Once upon a time Santa was delivering presents. I was downstairs watching Santa. I jumped out and surprised him. "Boo!" I yelled. Santa fell back and landed on his back. He wasn't hurt. He said, "You surprised me." I made cookies for him and his elves. "Do you have super vision?" I asked Santa. "Yes, I do? Said Santa. "I can see through the houses and kids are asleep." Said Santa. "Let's go to your workshop," I said. "Do you want to go to Minnesota? Where do you want to go?" I asked Santa. "I don't know," said Santa. "I know, I want to go to Texas," said Santa. We went to Texas and it was hot! "Are you sure that there will be snow here?" I asked Santa. "Yes, I'm sure," said Santa. In a click of his hands there was snow and then it melted. "Let's go somewhere else," said Santa. "O.K.!" I said. "Let's go to Alaska!" I said. "O.K.!" said Santa. When we got to Alaska we went sledding. We went down the hill fifty times. Then it was time to go home. We went home and went to bed. It was a good time seeing Santa.

Santa's Best Vacation

By Alexa Timmerman

Hi, I'm an elf in Santa's workshop. My name is Alexa. I won a name drawing out of a gift box to go to the Bahamas with Santa. We're leaving the workshop right now. Vixen is leading the reindeer tonight. He is leading because Rudolph is giving Santa a suntan with his nose. I'm very excited to be riding in Santa's sleigh. I slept most of the way. When I work up in the Bahamas. I was surprised to see Santa on a hammock without breaking it. All of the sudden I realized there was a coconut. I thought it must've landed on Santa's head and knocked him out. I discovered that Rudolph didn't have any swimming trunks on. He had my floral tankini on! Good thing I brought two pairs swimsuits. I put on my flamingo swimsuit and jumped in the ocean. Santa jumped in the ocean a few minutes later. He made a gigantic splash. The week was over before I knew it. We rode back on Santa's sleigh. Mrs. Clause said, "Well, I be monkey's uncle! Santa, you got sunburnt" Santa said, "I did?" I guess that coconut did hit him on the head! I got busy making toys for next year's Christmas. It was a good vacation with Santa.

Santa's Vacation

By Grant Wulfsen

One day Santa and Mrs. Clause tried to go on a vacation. They could not get away from the elves because they always needed help fixing the toys. They tried and tried to get away and go on a vacation. Then one day Santa shot a red thing across the North Pole. Santa wanted to get rid of this red ornament because the elves were addicted to red. They would go after the red ornament and then Santa and Mrs. Clause could sneak away on Rudolph. They both got on Rudolph and flew to Hawaii. Soon Santa and Mrs. Clause did not like being away from their home and elves. They liked being home and liked being with the elves. The bad part was that Rudolph was not going to fly all the way back to the North Pole without cookies in his stomach. Mrs. Clause forgot to bring her oven. Rudolph could not get an oven. The man came along and said, "I am a cookie giver." He gave cookies to people instead of skirts. He gave Rudolph cookies and then Rudolph flew into the air. "Good-bye!" said the cookie giver. They head back to the North Pole and never went to Hawaii again. When they got back to the North Pole the elves celebrated. Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause never go on vacation anymore.

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