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Storm Lake Gymnasts compete in three meets

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pictured are the members of the Blue Team: Front row from l to r: Annika Patton and Tiernan Kolpin. Middle row: Sydney Kay, Rowan Kolpin, and Brielle Kolpin. Back row: Ashley Schimmer, Kylie Mongan, Shelby Gruntorad and Taylor Zurek Photo contributed.
Dec 5 - WELCOME, MN. Several local athletes competed in the first gymnastic meet of the 2009-2010 season when the two travel teams from Springer's Gymnastics ventured to Welcome, MN for the "Christmas in Candy Land Invitational". There were 13 teams at the meet and 6 of them competed in the upper division during the meet, including both of the Springer's teams. Of the 19 gymnasts on the roster for the two Springer's teams, 8 of them are from Aurelia and Cherokee.

In the Novice age group (which was girls age 9 and under) in the upper division, all five athletes were from the Springer's program. In the vault event, Rowan Kolpin, from Aurelia, was 4th with a score of 7.7; Megan Brown, of Cherokee, was 3rd with a score of 7.75; Annika Patton, of Aurelia, was 2nd with a score of 8.0 and Kylie Mongan, of Cherokee was first with a vault score of 8.2. In the bars event, Annika was 4th with a score of 4.0, Megan was 3rd with a 4.5, Rowan was 2nd with 5.2 and Kylie Mongan was 1st with a score of 6.7. In the beam event, Annika was 5th at 4.3, Rowan was 4th with 4.45, Megan was 2nd with 5.05 and Kylie Mongan was 1st with a score of 7.3. In the floor event Rowan was 4th with a 6.3 score, Annika was 3rd with a 6.35, Megan was 2nd at 6.9 and Kylie Mongan was 1st with a score of 7.6. In the all-around scoring, Annika was 4th with a total of 22.65, Rowan was 3rd at 23.65, Megan was 2nd with a 24.2 tally and Kylie was 1st with a total of 29.8.

In the Child 2 age group (which is girls age 11) there were 7 total competitors and only one from the Springer's program. Tiernan Kolpin of Aurelia took 3rd in the vault event with a score of 8.1, 5th in the bars at a 5.3 score, 1st in balance beam with a score of 7.45, 4th in floor with a 7.45 and 4th in the all-around with a 28.3 total.

Several members of this year's gymnastcs team are from Cherokee or Aurelia, including : Mikki Hinkhouse, on the far left in the back row; Kirah Kolpin, seated by the #3; to her; left under the #1, is Rowan Kolpin; Tiernan Kolpin is behind Rowan and Brielle Kolpin is behind Tiernan; Kylie Mongan is seated to the right of Tiernan Kolpin on the #1, and one more to the right is Annika Patton; one more to the right and back a row and you find Lexie Patton.
In the Junior 1 age group (which was girls age 12) there were 18 total competitors and 3 local girls from the Springer's program. Lexie Patton, of Aurelia, placed 7th in the vault with a 7.9, 14th in the bars with a 3.8, 16th on the beam at 4.95, 13th on floor with a 5.6 score and 15th in the all-around with a 22.25 total. Mikki Hinkhouse, of Cherokee, was 7th in the vault event with a 7.9 score, 12th on bars at 4.5, 12th on beam with a 5.55, 7th on floor at 7.6 and tied for 11th in the all-around with her 25.55 total. Finally, Brielle Kolpin, of Aurelia, was 4th in the vault with an 8.3 score on a tough vault, 3rd on bars at 7.4, 3rd on beam with a 7.55, 2nd on floor with an 8.5 and 2nd in the all-around with her 31.75 total.

The Springer's Pink team placed 6th in the upper division with a team score of 104.1 and Megan Brown, Mikki Hinkhouse and Lexie Patton are all members of that team. The Springer's Blue team took 2nd place in the upper division with a team total of 130.05 and Kylie Mongan, Annika Patton, Rowan Kolpin, Tiernan Kolpin and Brielle Kolpin are all members of that team.

The Springer's Gymnastics teams were back in action on Sunday Dec. 13, 2009, when they hosted two teams from Mankato-MAGS 4 and MAGS 5- in a home meet at Storm Lake. Joining the two travel teams for Springer's was the Black team, making a total of 5 teams participating in the meet.

the Blue Team: in the front row, from left to right is: Kylie Mongan, Rowan Kolpin, Annika Patton and Sydney Kay. In the back row: Tiernan Kolpin, Brielle Kolpin, Shelby Gruntorad, Taylor Zurek and Emily Ivey.
The novice age group was divided into a 9 yr old group and an 8 & under group. In the 8 & under category, Cherokee's Megan Brown, who competes for the Pink Team, took first in all events! Megan was first in the vault with a score of 8.0, in bars with a 5.1, on beam she had a 4.9 and in floor 7.0. Her winning all-around score was 25.0. Kirah Kolpin, of Aurelia, also competed in the 8 & under category for the Black Team and was 5th on vault with a score of 4.4, she was 6th on the bars with a 2.1, tied for 5th on beam with a 2.4 score and 6th on the floor with a 2.8. Kirah was probably the youngest competitor at the meet; so she did a great job.

In the 9 yr old category, there were three local girls competing for the Springer's Blue Team. Rowan Kolpin and Annika Patton, of Aurelia, and Kylie Mongan, of Cherokee. On vault, Rowan was tied for 4th with a 7.4, while Annika and Kylie were tied for 1st with a 7.9. On uneven bars, Rowan was 3rd with a score of 5.7, Annika was 2nd with a score of 5.9 and Kylie was 1st with a 6.8. On the balance beam it was Rowan in 3rd at 4.5, Kylie in 2nd with 4.9, and Annika in 1st with a 6.0. On the floor exercise it was Rowan in 5th with a score of 5.5, Kylie was at 3rd with a 6.3 and Annika was 1st with a 6.9. In the all-around the local athletes took the top three spots with Rowan at 3rd with a total of 23.1, Kylie was 2nd with a 25.9 tally and Annika was 1st at 26.7.

In the children's category the gymnasts were further divided into the 10 yr olds category and the 11 yr olds category. Tiernan Kolpin, of Aurelia, was competing in the 11 yr olds category for the Springer's Blue Team. She took 2nd on vault with a 7.7, 1st on bars with a 6.5, 1st on beam with a 7.0 and 1st on floor with a 7.75. In the all-around her total of 28.95 put her 1st in her age category.

The final three local athletes were in the junior's age category. Mikki Hinkhouse, of Cherokee and Brielle Kolpin and Lexi Patton, of Aurelia, were competing for Springer's in this age division. Mikki and Lexi were competing as part of Springer's Pink Team and Brielle was part of Springer's Blue Team. On the vault event, Mikki tied for 5th with a score of 7.9, Lexi was tied for 4th at 8.0 and Brielle was 1st with an 8.5 mark. On the bars it was Lexi in 6th with a 4.3, Mikki at 4th with a 6.3 and Brielle in 2nd with a 7.3. On the balance beam, Lexi was 6th with a 4.4 score, Mikki took 3rd with a 6.6 and Brielle was 1st with a 7.3 mark. On the floor it was Lexi in 5th with a score of 6.2, Mikki was 5th with a 6.5 and Brielle was 4th with a 6.7. In the all-around scoring for the day, Lexi was 6th with a 22.9 total, Mikki was 4th at 27.3 and Brielle was 3rd with a total of 29.8 on the day.

the Pink Team. front row,left to right, Alicia Turnquist, Mikki Hinkhouse, Emma Degner and Megan Brown. Back row - Claire Blomberg, Jocelyn Johnson and Lexie Patton
In the team standings, Megan, Mikki and Lexi's Pink Team finished 3rd for the day with a team total of 100.85; Kirah Kolpin's Black Team was 2nd at 102.7 and Kylie, Brielle, Tiernan, Rowan and Annika's Blue Team was 1st with a team total of 121.35. The team score is comprised of the top four scores, from all competing members of that team, per event. All 3 teams are scheduled to travel to Worthington, MN on Sat, Jan 2 for their next meet.

Worthington, MN- There was no rest for the Springers' gymnasts over the holidays as they continued to practice over the school holiday to be ready for their meet in Worthington, MN on Jan. 2. All three Springer's teams travelled to the meet to face two of the S.W.A.G. teams. SWAG-Aerials and SWAG-Saltos. It was cold for the athletes and spectators alike throughout the meet, but they went ahead and gave it their best, despite the cold temperatures. Only 8 of the 9 local gymnasts competed and only the top six places were awarded ribbons in each age group; so many gymnasts left without any ribbons from this meet. Cherokee gymnast Megan Brown had family commitments and was not able to make it to the meet.

In the Novice category (ages 6-9) Kylie Mongan, of Cherokee, represented Springer's Blue Team along with teammates Annika Patton and Rowan Kolpin, both of Aurelia. Kirah Kolpin also competed in this age group for Springer's Black Team, though she finished out of the awards in each event. Kylie took first in vault with an 8.25, in bars with a 6.7 and on floor with a 7.3. She was tied for 2nd with a fellow Springer's gymnast on beam with a score of 5.4 and she was first in the all-around with a total of 27.65. Annika and Rowan kept things interesting as Annika was 2nd on vault with 8.1 and Rowan was 3rd at 7.8; then Rowan was 1st on bars at 5.0 and Annika was 3rd with 4.5. On beam Rowan took 5th with another 5.0 score and Annika was 6th at 4.7. On floor it was Annika tied for 2nd at 6.6 with a SWAG gymnast and Rowan in 3rd with a 6.5. In the all-around Rowan edged out Annika with her 24.3 total to Annika's 3rd place 23.9 total. Kirah Kolpin's scores were 5.0 on vault, 2.3 on bars, 3.2 on beam and 3.0 on floor making her all-around total 13.5.

The next age division is Children (10 & 11 yrs). Tiernan Kolpin, of Aurelia, was the only local gymnast competing for the Springer's club at that age level and she represents the Blue Team. She took 2nd in vault with an 8.05 score but was first in all other events, including all-around. Her bars score was 5.1, beam score was 6.9, floor score was 7.7 and all-around total was 27.75. The 2nd and 3rd place gymnasts were also Springer's athletes in this age group which included 12 girls total.

In the Junior category (12 & 13 yrs) local athletes Mikki Hinkhouse, of Cherokee, and Lexie Patton, of Aurelia, were representing the Pink Team; while Brielle Kolpin, of Aurelia, was representing the Blue Team. Brielle placed 1st on the vault with a score of 8.5, while Mikki snuck into the ribbons in a tie for 6th place with her 7.8 score. Lexie was just out of the ribbons in 7th with her 7.75. On bars Brielle was 3rd at 6.15, followed by Mikki in 4th with 5.6 and Lexie scored a 3.8 on this event. On beam, Brielle easily outpaced her teammates with her 7.6 score and Mikki was 4th in this event with a 6.0, while Lexie scored a 3.4. On the floor, Brielle was 2nd with a 7.8, while Mikki was 6th at 7.2 and Lexie came in with a 4.4 score. In the all-around Brielle again topped the awards stand with her 30.05 total, while Mikki was 5th at 26.6 and Lexie finished with a total of 19.35 on the day.

The Springers Black Team, along with some level 5 gymnasts (the last level before team), will be competing in Jackson, MN on Jan 9, while the Blue and Pink teams will go to New Prague on Sun., Jan 10 for a tough meet against 8 other teams before getting a week off from competition.

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