Meatloaf making a comeback

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food trend watchers have correctly predicted that meatloaf is reaching new heights in popularity again this year.

They based their predictions in 2008 that Year 2009 would be all about getting back to the basics and that classic foods that everyone grew up with would make a comeback becaise of the por economy.

There are some really fun and creative ways to entertain with meatloaf, including some great and unique ideas to entertain family and guests with meatloaf and save dollars while doing so.

In fact, we've heard many people say, in person, in print, and on TV, that, in light of the exorbitant gasoline prices the government apparently can't or refuses to control, that they're buying more hamburger instead of steak, and making more meatloaf meals.

Portion Control: Entertaining is all about making it easy, fun and convenient for your guests. Instead of preparing a few large meatloafs, try making them smaller and more individualized, that way your family/guests can add what they want to their meatloaf.

Add Variety: Create different types of meatloafs that your famuly/guests can choose from. Beef, bison, and turkey are just a few of the options that will add delicious variety to your party.

It's All About The Toppings: Set up a toppings bar complete with everything imaginable that you could put on your meatloaf. Some exceptional topping choices include: BBQ sauce, mushroom jusile, gravy, chopped parsley, chives or dried onions. Each unique topping will enhance the flavors of your meatloaf.

Budget-Friendly: Believe it or not, meatloaf is a budget friendly food. Making meatloaf from scratch does not break the bank, and a little goes a long way. It's great for family and for entertaining because you don't have to spend an arm and leg feeding everyone. In fact, leftover meatloaf can easily be made into a tasty sandwich hot or cold, or meatballs which can compliment an entirely separate dish.

Meatloaf. It's what's for dinner this year!