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Schubert purchases Greenwood Funeral Home

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Matt Schubert, right, recently purchased Greenwood Funeral Home in Cherokee from Tim Greenwood (left), who has operated the Funeral Home for the past 34 years and is planning to stay on to help Schubert continue with the business. Photo by Mike Leckband
No name change planned

For the past 34 years, Tim Greenwood has owned and operated The Greenwood Funeral Home in Cherokee. This past December, Greenwood began the transition of transferring the business to Matt Schubert.

The Greenwood Funeral Home, as it's known today, was started by Frank Greenwood, along with his partner, Don Whitlach, who bought the former Schmidt Funeral Home in 1953 and renamed the business Greenwood Funeral Home at that time. Tim, a 1971 graduate of Cherokee Washington High School, took over the family business in 1976 when his father passed away suddenly. Since that time Tim, along with his wife Patty, has been one of the mainstays of the Cherokee business community.

Greenwood said a number of factors contributed to his decision to sell his business to Schubert. The first was that no member of his family wanted to continue with the business, plus running a funeral home is very time consuming. It's a 24-7 job and Greenwood is looking forward to some well-deserved time off and is anticipating having the ability to travel and not having as much responsibility.

Also, Greenwood said that technology has played a part in his decision. "I'm from the typewriter generation," said Greenwood. "We needed someone here to pioneer through the electronic age," added Greenwood.

Greenwood's choice was Schubert. Schubert, who is a native of Cherokee, graduated from Washington High School in 1997 and has known the Greenwood family for several years. "My family lived near Tim and in high school I was trying to choose a carrier path and one day I came down to the funeral home and talked to Tim. So I kind of started way back then and it was Tim that helped me get started," explained Schubert.

After completing his higher education in the funeral business, Schubert worked for Warner Funeral Homes in Spencer for eight years.

"It was my dream along with my wife's dream to open our own funeral home and I got to talking with Tim and had the opportunity to come back home and was very excited," added Schubert.

Schubert, along with his wife Julie and their two small daughters, are also excited to reconnect with the people of Cherokee and look forward to meeting new people.

"It's a privilege to serve and to be back in the town you grew up in," commented Schubert. Schubert and his family are currently living at the funeral home, but they will eventually find a residential home as soon as they can.

As for changes at the funeral home, Schubert stated, "We plan on running the home as normal." When asked if he will be changing the name of the business Schubert responded "We're going to keep it 'Greenwood.' If it's not broke, don't fix it."

As for Tim and Patty, they plan on staying on at the funeral home to help out Matt and Julie. "We've been a part of Cherokee for a long time and we plan on spending the rest of our lives here," said Greenwood. "We do plan on doing some traveling and visit our children and plan to enjoy that freedom to see our kids,"

"And Julie and I are excited to have the former owner here to help us out. It's definitely a benefit to us," said Schubert.

Other changes to the business will be to the Greenwood website. Schubert is currently revamping the website. Once you visit their site you can find updated obituary information, along with community notices, the ability for the public to make comments, and soon Schubert will have the ability to have video tributes online for people who can't make a service. Plus, a new plasma TV was recently placed in the funeral home so they now have the ability to play those video tributes and pictures during a service.

The funeral home will also continue to provide the community with the same full range of services including pre-arranged funerals, normal funeral services, marker and monument sales, casket sales, and making arrangements for cremation services.

Schubert added that his future plans are simple. "We just look forward to being active members of the community down the line. There are a lot of things we would like to become involved in as members of the community," added Schubert.

Greenwood Funeral Home is located at 216 S. Second St. in Cherokee. You can contact them at 225-4826 or email them at www.greenwoodfuneral.com.

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