Preparing bedroom for a surprise guest

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Before your young college graduate finds his/her career choice, that special someone, or that chosen geographic location, you may want to think about getting that extra bedroom ready for a surprise guest.

According to a recent survey, more than 48 percent of college graduates are returning home to live for at least six months. As difficult economic times and high college loans force young adults back to the nest, many parents are looking for affordable ways to turn what was an extra bedroom into a young adult's living space. With that in mind, we offer the following affordable suggestions: * Establish the room as neutral ground - literally. Personalizing a space is easier against a neutral backdrop, so consider some of the season's more popular, soothing hues for walls and rugs such as mocha, steel blue, ivory or soft grey. * Focus on bedding to set the tone of the room. Hotel collections look and feel indulgent. Consider updated patterns such as textured geometrics, such as checks and diamonds, as well as nature-inspired motifs and tone-on-tone designs for a look that's crisp and clean. * Create a focal point to capture attention or to support a theme. Instead of a traditional headboard, consider grouping together photos, artwork or even a vertical row of branches, for a stunning wall display behind the bed. * Blend form and function to maximize space in a stylish way. A bamboo bench at the end of the bed adds visual balance and offers attractive seating. A leather tray table can do double duty as a bedside table and natural woven baskets add texture while keeping clothing, files or DVD's in check. * Punctuate the room with personality. Decorative accessories such as accent pillows, carved animal sculptures, metallic or wooden photo frames and reactive glazed vases add global flair and give a room signature style.

Reaching an enjoyable medium while indulging your "surprise guest" will make the experience a happy and memorable one.