Shaving oil next big thing?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sometimes the most surprising products are those that present a new take on something simple - such as shaving. For example, for decades it seemed that the introduction of the aerosol shave cream was the last word on making shaving easier and more effective. That may not be the case. One of the latest innovations in shaving - along with cutting the goatee loose and keeping the 5 o'clock shadow - is shaving oil. The main difference between the shaving oils on the market is the ingredient in the base oil. Some say the optimal choice is to use a natural plant extract as the base, such as grapeseed oil. For example, a product called King of Shaves AlphaOil Cooling is an all-natural product that does not contain soaps, alcohol, salts, dyes or artificial colors.

Conventional shaving foams often include some or all of these ingredients. Such products can strip your skin of its natural moisture and could contribute to the development of dry and irritated skin. Plus, using the oil is said to allow for precision shaving so you can see exactly what you are doing. This means you are more likely to see and avoid any problem areas such as rough skin.

Also, if you have a mustache, goatee or beard, you will be able to shave around it with greater accuracy - something that is more difficult with traditional lather-based shaving products. The oil comes in a small bottle that can deliver up to 100 shaves per container. The bottle's size makes it convenient for travel - even as a carry-on item on airplanes. Designed with "minimalism in mind," the concentrated oil requires fewer raw materials and less energy to manufacture. That, according to the manufacturer, makes it a green alternative with a smaller carbon footprint than traditional canned shaving cream.

Hm-mm...shaving oil. Wonder if it comes with a filter and dipstick?