Fools rush in...to traffic court

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We continue to marvel at the number of certified fools who have drivers licenses.

This winter especially, the alleys, streets and roadways are as treacherous as have ever been because of the persistent snow, rain and winds forming sheer ice-coatings, frozen slush cavities, and deep snow drifts and snow piles everywhere.

Many of these hazardous formations make driving a huge gamble, even if it's just a short trip to the workplace, grocery store, school, or church.

Why then, we ask, do so many apparently nice people dumb down as low as linoleum when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle?

We've heard countless stories and witnessed countless near misses ourselves as too many drivers plop behind the steering wheel and have their IQs plummet to single digits while driving on dangerous surfaces.

We publish many traffic accidents every day in the police blotter that, according to investigating law enforcement officers, were totally avoidable if the careless motorists involved used more caution while driving.

Be it cell phones in ear, text messaging in hands, zipping through unmarked intersections, pulling into traffic from a stop sign, imbibing and driving, or going too fast for the conditions, area motorists have proven they can be as dumb as anybody when it comes to safely and dutifully operating their motor vehicles.

One recent day on three separate occasions we were nearly blind-sided by inattentive drivers pulling away from a stop sign on residential streets without even looking for oncoming traffic. Two of those were at the West Bluff and North 9th Street intersection - one of the busiest intersections in Cherokee 24-7.

Several other times this winter we have avoided serious accidents by slowing way down and yielding at all corners as drivers of all ages speed through unmarked intersections, frivolously rolling the dice as to whether there is oncoming traffic.

People, slow down when driving conditions are bad. Heck, slow down when they're good! By doing so, you can avoid injury, costly traffic accidents, expensive hassles with your insurance company, and your name appearing in the newspaper, along with possible citations issued.

We know you are not dumb. So quit acting like it when you drive.