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Times Gone By

Friday, February 26, 2010

1st Congregational Church - The 1st Congregational Church was located at 400 W. Willow St. and opened in 1900. The church was later purchased by Bethlehem Lutheran Church in 1930 and was razed in 1967.
100 years ago

An important business change was announced last Friday--Hinz & Spears having sold out their general store business to George Mast, Henry Siemon and a traveling man, from Cherokee, named Richards. Mr. Mast has for several years been a trusty clerk in the store and Mr. Siemon has held a like position in the general store of Williams Bros. We understand that Mr. Richards will retain his position on the road, making weekly visits here as before. This will make a strong and experienced firm and no doubt will hold the large trade enjoyed by Messers. Hinz and Spears. Mr. Spears and family expect to move in a short time to Los Angeles, California where Mr. Boyer is. Mr. Hinz does not know yet what he will do, but he will remain here for the present.

One of the most horrible and wanton murders ever recorded in Iowa was that committed in our neighbor county, of Buena Vista, Thursday, Mrs. Hazel Roberts, a farmer's wife living near Marathon was on that morning killed with an axe the sharp blade of which penetrated her skull after which the body was fiendishly hacked with the same instrument. Her husband had been up during the night waiting on his children who are down with the measles and Mrs. Roberts rose and went to the kitchen at about seven o'clock, leaving her husband to get some sleep. About an hour later the husband arose and going to the kitchen found the mutilated body of his wife lying weltering in her own blood on the kitchen floor. The alarm was given and a couple of hours later the hired man, Henry Johnson, was arrested for the crime.

"Johnson is a young man, aged 22 or 23 years old, and has worked in this locality for a considerable length of time. It is reported that at one time he was insane, and it is thought he may have committed this murder while suffering from a second attack of mental derangement."

Although the community is greatly excited over the horrible tragedy which has cast such sadness over the once happy Robert home, where there are three small children bereft of their mother there is no thought of violence toward Johnson who if he committed the crime of which there is no direct evidence, is thought to be deranged.

75 years ago

While arrangements for funeral services to be held Thursday for Oliver Bloomquist, 88, of Spalding, Neb., continued, three other persons remained in a critical condition, two more were still confined to a hospital and six were convalescing in their homes from three serious accidents that occurred in this vicinity in a five day radius.

Besides costing the life of Mr. Bloomquist, a headon collision one mile west of Storm Lake on state highway No. 5 Wednesday morning left the dead man's son, the Rev. John M. Bloomquist, Presbyterian minister of Alta, and formerly of Cleghorn; and Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Johnson of Parkersburg, who were on their way to Cherokee to attend funeral services for Mrs. Johnson's brother, in critical condition.

Two accidents Saturday incapacitated the remainder of the 11 victims. Mrs. Ray Little, who had been married only an hour when she was struck by a car in Storm Lake, and her bridesmaid, Mrs. Rex Weaver, who were also struck, are still confined at the state hospital, where their husbands are employed.

Of six persons injured in an accident near Aurelia Saturday night, Floyd Lynch of Cherokee who was believed to be most seriously injured, was released Tuesday from Sioux Valley hospital.

Short services for the elder Bloomquist, who was riding with his son when train smoke from a track parallel to the highway destroyed vision and caused a headon collision, will be held Thursday afternoon at Alta. The Rev. Mr. Gibson, Presbyterian minister of the Lakeside church at Storm Lake, will be in charge of services.

Dr. David Herron, to whose office Rev. Bloomquist was rushed following the crash, said Thursday morning he was able to move the patient to the Alta hospital Wednesday afternoon. While x-ray pictures have been an impossibility, the doctor said Rev. Bloomquist is suffering a crushed nose, three broken ribs and serious internal injuries.

Having rested well Wednesday night, the patient felt a trifle better, reported De. Herron.

50 years ago

Town and township chairmen for the 1960 Heart Fund Drive were announced today by Mrs. D. J. Sheehan and Mrs. Walter Fuller, Cherokee County chairman and co-chairman.

Bethlehem First Lutheran - Here is a 1909 photo of the Bethlehem First Lutheran congregation in front of their church, which located at 6th Street and Maple Street.
Their appointment to head the Iowa Heart Association drive in this county recently was made by Mrs. Violet Lundquist of Anthon, executive secretary of the Siouxland Heart Council.

The Council includes the counties of Cherokee, Crawford, Ida, Monona, Plymouth, Sac and Woodbury.

Town chairmen, secured by Mrs. Sheehan, have obtained volunteer workers to make door-to-door calls on Heart Sunday, February 28. Township chairman are contacting residents in the various townships by mail this week.

Following are the town chairmen, Marcus, Mrs. Charles Knutson; Cleghorn, Mrs. Roy Goodrich; Meriden, Mrs. tom Ashbaugh; Larrabee, Mrs. James Montgomery; Cherokee, Mrs. Dave Powell; Quimby, Mrs. R. LaFennema; Washta, Mrs. Gene Keck; Aurelia, Mrs. Walter Peterson, assisted by Aurelia Lassies Girls 4-H Club and Mrs. Ralph Roethler, club leader.

Town chairmen are: Marcus, Mrs. Will Ament; Liberty, Mrs. LeRoy Pingel; Spring, Mrs. Laurence Dell; Amherts, Mrs. D. C. Drefke; Sheridan, Marjorie Wilcox; Cherokee, Mrs. Walter Fuller; Afton, Mrs. Earl Demaree; Tilden, Mrs. Dean Berger; Rock, Mrs. Willard Fee; Pilot, Mrs. Gordon Abel; Pitcher, Mrs. Ed Radke; Grand Meadow, Grand Meadow Larks Girls 4H Club; Willow, Mrs. Kenneth Hoeppner; Diamond, Mrs. Theodore Nordstrom.

Leaders for the Grand Meadow Ladies club are Mrs. Max Van Opal, Mrs. Kenneth Irwin, Mrs. Cecil Irwin.

25 Years Ago

Cherokee County's official 1985-86 budget proposal should be unveiled today.

Cherokee County Supervisors spent most of Monday working on the budget proposal and will resume at 10 a.m. today.

Today the supervisors are to complete their review of the individual budget proposals, determine what to do with Federal Revenue Sharing and Count Assistance Grant monies and set an official date for a public hearing.

A March 11 public hearing has been scheduled to discuss the FRS actions. The county is anticipating $281,400 from this federal fund for the 1985-86 fiscal year.

Though the budget work is incomplete, Cherokee County Auditor Beverly Anderson said she expects the 1985-86 budget to be about 2 to 3 percent higher than this fiscal year's.

The 1984-85 county budget is about $6.6 million.

Today, the supervisors are to review budgets for local health, state institution and mental health, the recorder's office, weed commission, Plain's Area Mental Health, Iowa Department of Human Services, the treasurer's, sheriff's department, historical society, insurance and the city portion of the Secondary Roads budget.

Most of the budgets already reviewed by the supervisors include increases due partially to higher costs for Social Security and Iowa Public Employees Retirement benefits. Those budgets are:

*County Attorney: The proposed budget is $55,235, which is a 5.4 percent increase over the current $52,360 due primarily to a pay increase for John Wibe, Cherokee County Attorney.
*County Conservation Commission: The proposed budget is $141,430, which is an 1.8 percent decrease over the current $144,059. Most of the decrease comes from less money being budgeted for utilities.
*Clerk of Courts. The proposed budget is $215,235, which is a 23 percent increase over the current $174,230. Gerald Brown, county clerk of courts, pointed to increased costs for court appointed attorneys for most of budget increase.
*Board of Supervisors: The proposed budget is $118,490, which is a 0.6 percent increase over the current $117,705.
*Domestic Animal Claims and Bounties: The proposed budget is $950, which is an 82 percent decrease over the current $5,300 due primarily to the county no longer paying animal claims.
*County Auditor: The proposed budget is $86,125, which is a 4.4 percent increase over the current $82,125.
*Child Support Recovery: The proposed budget is $82,135, which is a 5.5 percent increase over the current $77,815.
*Data Processing: The proposed budget is $87,930, which is a 33 percent decrease over the current $132,945. The county has paid for most of the computer programs it uses, subsequently the budget decreased.
*Elections: The proposed budget is $93,790, which is a 12 percent increase over the current $83,700. Anderson, who is also commissioner of elections, said the increase is to cover the costs of next fiscal year's city elections.
*Emergency Medical Service and County Disaster Fund: The proposed budget is $9,500, which is a 14 percent increase over the current $8,300. The increase was requested to pay for additional training for EMS technicians.
*General Budget. The proposed budget is $165,530, which is a 7 percent increase over the current $154,555. This fund covers maintenance of county buildings and a new furnace has been included in the budget.
*Secondary Roads: The proposed budget is $2,478,000, which is a 3.9 percent increase over the current $2,381,000. This fund covers the rural portion of the secondary roads budget. Higher construction costs have been included in the proposed budget.
*Cherokee County Fair. The proposed budget is $15,000, which is the same as the current budget.

The County Fair usually received FRS money, but the supervisors did not budget this for 1985-86. Neither did they budget tax money for the Marcus Fair. They did, however, appropriate $5,000 in FRS for the Marcus Fair.

Money budgeted for the County Fair and the Marcus Fair recently raised the question of whether the county can levy taxes for two fairs. A county attorney's opinion indicated that the Iowa Code allows counties to appropriate moneys for a fair society if the society owns or leases at least 10 acres of land for the fairgrounds and owns or leases improvements of $8,000 in value.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church - The current Bethlehem Lutheran Church was dedicated on Aug. 30, 1964 and is located at 300 E. Bow Dr. Note the bell tower was yet to be added in this photo.
Officials with both fairs said they qualified for county funds under the state code.

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