Coping with illegal dumping

Monday, March 1, 2010

We applaud all municipal, county, and state officials, and the Department of Natural Resources Energy and Waste Management Bureau's continuing efforts to raise awareness on illegal dumping in Iowa.

It is no secret that the illegal disposal of solid waste presents serious environmental and public health problems. The indiscriminate dumping of old tires, appliances, construction debris, and other solid wastes and hazardous substances has far-reaching effects on the environment, the quality of life in Iowa communities, and the disposal practices and habits of the general public.

Local government officials and other interested parties are encouraged to continue to work together and explore ways to combat the problem at city, county, and state levels.

Many cities and counties in Iowa have implemented effective programs to discourage, prevent and prohibit illegal dumping, and to follow through on prosecuting offenders.

We implore cities and counties in Iowa to continually review and stay abreast of all the issues and problems associated with illegal dumping, followed by a focus on resources, tools, plans and strategies that local governments can implement to prevent this illegal activity that seriously damages our environment and drastically shortens the life expectancy of our landfill areas.

All the methods discovered and aired will help governments reduce illegal dumping, better effectively respond to dumping issues, and provide much-needed public awareness.