Town clock unique, heart-felt gift

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The more you think about it, the more you realize that it's the little things that make a community the best it can be.

Most assuredly, the big things can make a difference and do, but usually we can anticipate the big things coming, focus on them, and plan and prepare for them. For example, "big" things can include a new aquatics and wellness center, a new school, business and industry expansion and growth, a renovated Community Center, restored Railroad Depot, updated infrastructure, continued development of Koser-Spring Lake Park, etc.

Among the "little" things that enhance a community like Cherokee are events such as the annual Cherokee PRCA Rodeo, Cherokee Jazz & Blues Festival, Cherokee Symphony, Cherokee County Fair, Crazy Days, Hotdog Days, The Great Pancake Day Race, our high school athletic teams appearing in State Championships, etc.

Today, we're proud to salute another "little" thing that will forever enhance our community - the donation of a beautiful town clock that will augment the ambiance of our historic Downtown, an officially designated Cultural & Entertainment District.

Thanks to the Paul and Marilyn Cedar Family, the 12-foot tall, two-faced clock with its stunning antique appearance will soon grace the area on East Main Street housing the Sanford Museum's Sanford Lane City Park.

Besides the beauty of such a unique attraction, we savor the unsolicited motivation behind it - namely, nice people simply doing something nice for their community.

The Cedars, as always good citizens (reliable volunteers and unhesitating contributors for many civic endeavors), want no fanfare, no naming rights. Paul and Marilyn have traveled in communities in other states that have similar clocks and have come to really appreciate their stylish appearance and impact on visitors. They simply wanted to bring one to their home town, so they got out their check book ($5,000 plus installation) and made a dream become a beautiful reality.

"With its older look, we thought it would be a nice addition to our downtown and fit right in," said Marilyn.

Big hands, little hands...we say it's high time we join the many to applaud the Paul Cedar Family for this wonderful, timeless gesture.