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RV thespians shine in spring comedy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vamp attack - On March 26 and 27, the RV Speech and Drama Club will present Wild Pink, a three-act comedy that follows the escapades of three brothers (Andrew Volkert, Samuel Lundt and Dylan Dalton) who don girlish guises to corral an inheritance from a rich aunt. Togged out as their own sisters, the boys are proof of the adage: Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone. Photo by Ron Flewelling. For more photos from Wild Pink,' see the 'River Valley spring play' Photo Gallery
On March 26, the new season will offically be here as the young thespians from the River Valley Speech and Drama Club take center stage in their Spring 2010 Production.

This year, the cast will be treading the boards in 'Wild Pink,' a three-act comedic romp with more twists and turns than the Little Sioux River on a bad hair day.

The action of the comedy opens on the farm of Jebediah (Casey Herron) and his sons Robert, Victor and Patrick (Andrew Volkert, Samuel Lundt and Dylan Dalton.)

In the first minutes of the production Jebediah reveals to his sons that their long lost, high society, aloof and mega-wealthy Aunt Mildred has announced that she plans on leaving her many millions to her sister's offspring.

In fact, she has invited them to her estate for a visit so she can reassure herself that they are worthy to inherit her millions.

This comes as fantastic news to the boys until Jebediah also reveals that not only is their aunt under the mistaken impression that the three are girls, but intensely dislikes boys as well.

To obtain their fair share of the action, the boys are going to have to do some serious scheming.

With greed and avarice serving as goads, the brothers make the decision that if their dear old Aunt Millie was expecting three nieces, by golly, that's just what the old bird would get.

The three do some cross-gendering sleight-of-hand and arrive at their aunt's mansion disguised as "Roberta," "Victoria" and "Patricia."

As you might imagine, their arrival at the aunt's estate launches a dizzying series of madcap moments that quickly escalate into a near-slapstick sleigh ride through the nether regions as the boys struggle to maintain their disguises.

The situation is further complicated when it is discovered that someone has been dipping his hand in Aunt Millie's till.

You suddenly discover that, the comedy has become a whodunit as the boys try to ferret out the embezzling culprit...all the while maintaining their girlish guises.

Who did do it?

Was it the trusted assistant Olivia (Kaitlen Burnham)?

The maid Katrina (Krystal Askvig)?

The butler (Blane Cullen)?

The mysterious reporter Scarlett (Jessica Fundermann)?.

..Or any of the other miscellaneous oddball characters found in the production?

Nope, you don't get off that easy...

You will just have to come and find out for yourself.

Wild Pink is directed by RV's theatrical maven Margaret Witt

To say that Witt enjoys working with a large cast would be an understatement.

She has assembled a role call of 43 young actors for this production and expertly puts them through their paces.

As usual, her young cast, many of them seasoned members of the RV powerhouse IHSSA speech team, all turn in exemplary duties during the performance.

There are a few standouts in Wild Pink, however.

Andrew Volkert, Samuel Lundt and Dylan Dalton have a heel-kicking, high old time in their dual roles as Robert/Roberta, Victor/Victoria and Patrick/Patricia.

These roles just beg for overacting...something that the three actors deliver in spades.

Casey Herron in the small but pivotal role of Jebediah shines as he portrays his character with nailed down proficiency.

Kaitlen Burnham as Millie's secretary Olivia, Blane Cullen as Dennis the butler and Krystal Askvig as the maid Katrina will all also prove to be audience favorites.

In addition there is one last accolade for 14 members of the RV Elementary second grade class who turn in duties as residents of an orphanage during the play.

As a final note, I would also like to note that Wild Pink is fresh right out of Margaret Witt's fountain pen.

Besides being a fine director, Wild Pink is proof that the prolific Witt has some admirable talents in the playwright game as well.

Wild Pink will be presented on March 26 and 27 at the RV High School auditorium.

Curtain time will be at 7 p.m. both nights.

There will also be an ice cream social at intermission time during both evening performances.

So, if the prime time fare on your television has been leaving you a bit on the blah side lately, treat yourself to an evening of giggles, titters and downright guffaws by attending the RV players' Wild Pink.

Just remember not to depart before play's end, however.

If you do, you are going to miss a hilarious ending that will keep you chuckling for hours afterwards.

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