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Winding Roads: Do you feel the pinch yet?

Monday, March 29, 2010

The weather can sure affect our attitude. When that sun is shining, I can hop out of bed and get busy. Clouds can be a downer and as we all know, it didn't get me going on some winter projects. Now that it's spring, I'm wishing I had some painting done. Another winter has come and gone and I still haven't begun organizing my photos. I was always going to make a family pictorial thing for the grandsons. Oh well, perhaps next winter. This last snow season certainly should have got me going on it and I failed.

So what's the pinch I'm thinking about? Money or the lack thereof for many people. When the sun isn't shining, one has a tendency to get on the negative side of the overall environment and the news certainly isn't what you want to hear.

School boards are feeling the pressure of making ends meet in our towns and counties. Companies are trying to adjust their operations to make ends meet. Families are struggling to pay their bills and stay afloat. Every kind of budget is in a struggle to adjust to this depressing economy.

Then the hypocrisy of our politicians and those in leadership roles is overwhelming and depressing. They are not what they say they are. It seems that one can find this wherever you turn and I ask myself , "How can you teach kids to respect their elders when so much is going on?"

The news broke a few of weeks ago about the Iowa School Board Association and since then, it has been all downhill. Leadership financial packages are above what they should have been and these people still had to pick-pocket the taxpayers pockets. (I say the tax payers pocket because all schools across the state have paid money into this organization which was formed to assist school districts.)

They lavished themselves with vacations and other rewards and the dirt is getting deeper.

What a time to live in and I can only imagine what our children are going to live through. Where did we go wrong in having leadership equate with greed and dishonesty? Many of our corporate leaders need to attend perhaps an old-fashion Bible revival to learn about the 10 commandments dealing with coveting, lying and stealing.

Wouldn't it be nice to read about statemanship? What makes a leader a leader? How can our children's children be able to read about this century and point with pride to anything we have done? If you think we have produced a statesman in the last 20 years, I would like to hear about it. Most think of politics as a means to keep their bank accounts in the six figure or more range. What sacrifices are they ready to make? If this insurance bill just passed is so great, why aren't they going on it and disband the insurance they have presently?

Now if we think this is insulting to our intelligence, the next move is to make most or all illegals legal so they won't have to lie on forms and steal our IDs to get food stamps, housing assistance, health care and an education. I suppose Steve KIng will have to put on hard armor to avoid his critics as he does have the courage to say English should be the only language we need to be using in this country.

The following year, we will be putting the word socialists somewhere in the name of our country as capitalism is going down the tubes. People will have no incentive to work hard to get ahead in this world. I thought the Lord helps those who help themselves. One can help so much if the ones you're helping lend a hand to their own efforts.

I made a comment to my family that we should have a test to weed out those who can't think and reason before they earn the right to vote. It's the uneducated and those who want a hand-out that will make our society a socialist one. They keep wanting to take from those who earn their own living so they can sit and enjoy the good life. They don't know the meaning of being responsible for themselves.

Meanwhile we are to take comfort in knowing our banker is China. God help us all.

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