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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads: Remembering days gone by

Monday, April 5, 2010

While waiting to see a doctor, I picked up a magazine which was quite delightful to read and see pictures of days gone by in the forties and fifties. One picture which caught my eye was that of a playground filled with young children playing. What brought back the memories was the fact that all of the girls were wearing dresses, with socks and leather shoes. No sneakers like we all wear today.

It got me thinking about that. In fact, even in cold weather we wore dresses with look leggings, and for real cold weather we wore snow-pants. No one thought a thing about bundling up in the classroom. I did hate those long stockings, though, as it was like wearing panty hose today. It was a time to celebrate when you could just wear bobby socks.

We also walked home for lunch which was about an eight block trek for our family. In an hour we walked both ways and had time to eat. When I was in the second grade, my younger sister was hospitalized in Des Moines seriously ill so my mother's sister stayed at our house to watch over our well being. I remember it was a nice fall day and I was sent home to take a nap. Apparently the teacher thought I was falling ill. I can still remember walking home hoping no one would see me. I thought they would surely think I had misbehaved at school and was sent home for punishment. My aunt met me at the door and I cried a little because of the stress I guess wondering what I had done wrong. I slept the rest of the afternoon away. It is odd how we can remember some things and not others.

The magazine brings back a simpler time in life. When times are hard, people pull together more or at least they did. Small gifts were appreciated much more. A few pennies spent meant more than many dollars do today. Meals were plainer. Some food items were ration and one did not waste things. Perhaps because folks had to work hard than and had to watch their pennies. They stayed slimmer due working and eating less junk foods.

It was also amusing to read about kids creating their own fun, as opposed to getting out computer games or watching TV. We were more active, and families seemed to spend more time together as well.

I remember writing in my column when gas prices started taking a large price hike that perhaps families wouldn't run around quite as much and instead find activities to enjoy as a family. One of those activities is to plant, till and harvest a garden together. think of not only saving a few dollars but how much healthier the food would be. Talk about getting some exercise! Kids would love doing that especially when you start out young. Teens would have to be forced. It could be a boost for any child interested in 4-H or scouting to earn a badge.

The main bonus of this is building family closeness. Do kids even roller skate anymore? Yes, I know about skateboards. Do they play catch with parents or others in the family or neighbors? Not many jump ropes out or hula hoops. I thought at one time that marbles would make a come back but I guess not. I would also like to see the Waltons return in reruns just like the Little House on the Prairie. I know---I'm getting to show my age.