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RV's Devon King competes in Space Settlement Design Competition

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Devon King
CORRECTIONVILLE - Space...the Final Frontier...

This is a little phrase that conjures up a number of mental images that include riding flaming rockets through galaxies as numerous as grains of sand.

No matter how romantic this may sound, the fact remains that even though the trip might be spectacular, you're still going to need a place to stay once you do get there.

After all, Holiday Inns are few and far between out there in the nether regions of Neptune and the other far flung corners of our Solar System.

However, by the time we are ready to take that first pause for the cause at a galactic crossroads, the little problem of a stellar bread and breakfast just might have been solved by space-minded scholars like River Valley High student Devon King.

On March 11, Devon journeyed to the Johnson Space Center in Houston to compete against students from all over the United States in a Space Settlement Design Competition.

As part of that contest, participants were assigned to teams of approximately 40 students who pooled their skills, talents and knowledge to create the plans for a space station that would orbit between Earth and Mars.

Designing this space lab-on-steroids wouldn't be a carefree stroll in a no-grav zone either.

After all, the orbiting station had to serve as a haven for 9000 astronauts and other space and star trekkers.

On March 15, the competition's judging took place and it was revealed that Devon's team had won the semi-final contest.

On July 30, the "spaced-out" Wolverine will be returning once again to the Johnson Space Center to represent her team in the final tier of the space settlement design competition.

This time around, however, the contest will be a true international event with students from all points of the compass including Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Ukraine participating.

Devon notes that the entire experience has been both interesting and challenging and that she is looking forward to her next trip to NASA.

It should be pointed out that Devon's assigned task on her space settlement design team was that of Director of Human Engineering.

Since her team won the semi-final contest, she obviously human engineered up a solar storm during the competition.

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