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Friday, May 6, 2016

Winding Roads: What is the meaning of citizenship?

Monday, May 3, 2010

You might know it would take a woman to get the job done! Arizona's governor should get a pat on the back for getting her state legislature to pass some laws with some teeth in them to eliminate illegal residents of that state.

That takes backbone to take a stand knowing full well that many may vote against her in the next election. How grand it is that she thought of the condition of her state rather than doing what it takes to protect her governor's job. Now that is an example of leadership.

Yes, many people will get stopped with tan colored skin to have their identity and citizenship papers checked but with all the killing going on there, something needs to be done. I think many legal residents whose heritage is rooted in Mexico want the laws of this country obeyed and will understand why this action is being taken. The drug cartels have brought forth an unhealthy and unsafe environment for all people living close to the border. Something had to be done when leadership wasn't coming from the White House on this.

I don't know how so many illegals get to cast a vote in the voting booth but that is what is holding many of our politicians at bay for firmer regulations at the border. They want their votes. I wonder how many are paying taxes? California made its own bed when it comes to debt for allowing so many to cross over and especially the Catholic Church there. Feeding, clothing, educating and providing health benefits all take money. That isn't the sum total of what went wrong there but it certainly didn't help.

We watched the report on the building of the Bay Bridge trying to make it earthquake proof. It will take at least five years or more to complete. Builders are racing against time before a really large quake hits between two fault zones. Comments were made that San Francisco may very well be the first major city to get hit in a heavy populated area. God help anyone who would be there at the time.

Lee Rainboth is back visiting from Haiti and noted that not much is being done yet in the large cities there. Rubble abounds everywhere. From South America to Europe to China, Mother Nature and this old earth of ours seems to be rebelling. Tornado season is upon us with homes and businesses being destroyed. The oil spill in the south may create real havoc on the fishing industry and beyond. Where is all the money going to come from to make necessary repairs or are we going to step back into time when life was much simpler and we didn't demand or expect as much?

Getting back to my question. Citizenship must have a new meaning for many folks. It must be that you sleep and eat here and do what you want until you get caught by the authorities. You think of yourself and how you can swindle any fool out of their money or else get the government to provide for you and yours. There is no sense of how this government will pay its bills or who provides the money. D.C. can just keep printing it and you can hold it. No thought given to how long it will be valued.

When my ancestors came, they learned English, got a job and a place to sleep and eat. They did everything to adapt to this country and to establish themselves as an excellent role model of good citizenship. They were not moochers.

I have noticed on TV when they show film with Chinese cities in the background, how modern and fine they look. Upon commenting to my husband how nice everything was looking, he replied, "They should with all the money we owe them."

Which is worse, China or Mexico for our country's health? That is a question we could debate on for weeks or months to come.