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Rainboth asks for more help for Haiti

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lee Rainboth gave an emotional presentation to his home congregation Sunday, encouraging people to continue to help Haitians in dire need. Photo by Nancy Hohbach
MARCUS - Grace United Methodist Church in Marcus received a plea from Lee Rainboth during Sunday's church services.

He began his message with a familiar story that he has heard many times from Haitians when asked why would God do such a thing to these people. Very simply it occurred due to an argument between Jesus Christ and Satan and who has more power. As the story goes, it's basically who is the strongest is the one in control. Most importantly, whose side are you on - Satan or Jesus?

Rainboth was quite emotional as he tried to relate to his listeners how beautifully simple Haitians are in their faith with a strong belief in Jesus. Haitians, who have found Jesus, possess much faith in the Lord and praise Jesus constantly in the midst of much destruction.

Rainboth compared their reaction to how many Americans might react. Haitians have so little when we have so much. They are content by their faith and are not demanding. It has been nearly four months since the earthquake there. The quake lasted such a brief period of time - just seconds. Their lives were turned upside down. Yet, many volunteer groups who go there don't research enough what is best to do first.

"Many have the right attitude in wanting to help, but many large known groups are not organizing and doing what is needed to be done first, such as providing a clean water system and getting rid of debris," said Rainboth.

"It makes it hard to move ahead and yet Haitians do not complain. Haitians usually have a celebration in early spring where everyone enjoys music, games and food. It's like a giant size Mardi Gras. This year in place of bands and concerts there was fasting and prayers, with a complete showing of their devotion to God. Radio stations would promote this as did a nearby church," explained Rainboth.

Rainboth took an inflated balloon and tied a dollar on to the balloon's tail and let it go up. He said, "That is what you are doing when donating money to many groups. You hope the money will land somewhere where it will be put to good use. You just don't know. I now have a group of volunteers who will take charge and record money coming in and will send it to me and I will make sure the money is put to it's best use with all of it going to the Haitians.

"I can buy what we need to move ahead much cheaper there than here. Also, there is no shipping charge. We want to help provide clean water, a place to sleep, something to eat, but above all, we want to provide education. We want to build an International Learning Center so they can use their God-given gifts which best helps them," said Rainboth.

Envelopes were provided with slips of paper with the name of this group that has been formed, Living Media International. You can provide monthly payments in any amount you are comfortable with or can make a one-time gift. Checks may be made out to the Grace United Methodist Church, 303 E. Fenton St., Marcus, IA 51035 with the group's name in the memo. Include your name and address as well as your e-mail address.

Rainboth spent two weeks in Texas where other church groups are rallying to the cause and is now at his parents' home, Clark and Vickie Rainboth of rural Marcus, before returning to Haiti. Rainboth is as sincere as anyone could be in his quest to help the people of Haiti. With the newly formed group, Raiboth feels his organization can move ahead much better than before.

As he reminded us all, we have so much and they have so little. Their faith is unshakeable while ours may be questionable.

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