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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Winding roads: Oil oil everywhere

Monday, May 17, 2010

At first we heard some oil was spitting out a thousand gallons a day, then it creeped up to five thousand gallons a day and now they are saying 100,000 gallons. If my figures aren't right. don't give it a second thought as I doubt if they know actually how much is spilling out. We probably won't ever know. How could one actually measure it?

To say this is a mess and the largest violation against the environment is a gross understatement. I can't help but wonder if the hand of the Lord is in this somewhere. We use so much of the worlds' oil supply and as we definitely are one of the greediest countries for using our fair share. It's just a part of who we are. We certainly aren't conservative freaks at all. We want it all and we want it now.

Just hearing about the Haitian people doing without with no complaints, since they have never had much in the first place, but we expect to have it all like its due to us. Many people around the world have so much less than we. Perhaps with the oil spill, the tornados and the floods, we are in desperate state of affairs as far as having money to pay for repairs. Now Greece is falling financially behind with others in Europe ready to follow this trend. Where is our federal government stashing the money to help everyone? I thought our bank accounts were in the red.

Meanwhile these spokesmen for the BP are standing behind the mic' with a straight face saying they'll be responsible and get the mess cleaned up. The fed's need to follow up and make sure they pay the bill. These poor fisherman and anyone who lives in the gulf area is having their environment turned upside down. Fishing isn't all that's being destroyed along with the eco system. Corridors for boat traffic will pay a price. One just has to think of how the many kinds of traffic through there. The lifestyle of that region will not bounce back swiftly if at all.

Once again, how much control do all these scientific minds have over Mother Nature.? How reliable are the back-up systems? And yes, I question the drilling off shore and did long before this fiasco happen. Man must also realize his limitations and decide on what kind of environment do they want to pass onto their grandchildren. Many think mining of coal was bad. That looks better to me to control than a mile deep on the ocean floor to get everything set up.

All of these birds they clean up only to set them free and have them get oily again and again. How much can wildlife take? Talk about polluting water. Think black oil coating whatever you have. Think of the dirt poor and not a cent to make things right. Money isn't a top priority but man, how will the clean-up go?

You think the White House will recommend nationalizing oil companies? Think that one over. There's a bill coming that no one can afford to pay!