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Fry gets military send-off at Aurelia

Friday, May 28, 2010

All Aurelia students - elementary, Middle School and High School - showed up Monday to wish Mike Fry well as he goes off to Afghanistan. Photo by Dan Whitney
AURELIA - Mike Fry, long-time Physical Education instructor and wrestling/football/track coach at Aurelia, will soon be deployed for a year with the United States Army National Guard in Afghanistan, and he received a surprise farewell send-off in the Aurelia gym on Monday afternoon.

Surprise! Mike Fry (right) laughs as he realizes than Principal Ann Sandine (left) and the rest of the Aurelia faculty and students have successfully surprised him with a Send-Off ceremony in the Aurelia gym. Photo by Dan Whitney.
The elementary students read a "Top Ten" list about their P.E. teacher and the Middle School students sang a farewell song, set to the tune of "The Field Artillery Song" (also known as the Caisson Song. Words by Susan Fry -no relation- and Deb Peterson, Mike Fry's friends and colleagues at the Aurelia school).

"Mr. Fry, Mr. Fry

We are here to say goodbye

Middle School Serenade - The Aurelia Middle School students sang an original salute to Aurelia coach and teacher Mike Fry at his military sendoff Monday. Fry leaves for Afghanistan this summer. Photo by Dan Whitney
As the school keeps marching along

In the gym...hear him shout

As the dodge balls fly about

As the school keeps marching along


For it's off...overseas

That is where you'll be

Remember you've taught us right from wrong

And where e'er you go

You will always know

That the school keeps marching along

Mr. Fry, Mr. Fry

We know full-well not to lie

L..o...n...g List - The Aurelia High School students compiled an amusing (long) list of things they will miss during Coach Fry's absence. Photo by Dan Whitney
As the school day keeps marching along

Yes, the truth, it's what we need

You've told us, we must succeed

As the school day keeps marching along."

The High School students, not to be out-done, produced a long list of things they'll miss because of Fry's absence, and Myron Radke, a former colleague of Coach Fry's, showed the audience an American flag which Fry had presented to him after his last deployment. Radke said he had kept the flag folded in the military tradition since he received it, but that he was now opening it up and would fly it from the flagpole at his home, which is located near the school, and he asked the students to think about Fry when they saw the flag. Radke told the young students that Fry was leaving to serve his country so that they "could sleep peacefully at night."

The flag will fly - Myron Radke plans to fly this American flag at his home in honor of Mike Fry's service in Afghanistan. Photo by Dan Whitney.
Sgt. Fry will be leaving this summer, and he said that his unit's mission will be to train the Afghan army.

Strike Up the Band - The Aurelia High School band, under the direction of Ryan Meyer, performed patriotic music at Mike Fry's Send - off and also accompanied the audience as they sang the National Anthem. Photo by Dan Whitney.

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