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Monday, May 2, 2016

From the Midway:Let's try thinking outside the box

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sometimes I get so flustered watching our politicians. If you vote for someone you think will do a decent job, they seem like they let you down soon after.

There's no one particular politician that I'm referring to but the whole lot in general. Take President Obama. He recently came out supporting off shore drilling. Yes this gets a little confusing.

During his campaign, he was against drilling. It was the Republicans that wanted to drill, baby drill. But alas you could make the point that it was to appease the right wing that he changed his mind. This is not the first issue that the President has done a 360 on. But what makes this one stand out is the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

There 's oil on the beach and egg on his face. I still can't figure out why were still even messing around with fossil fuels. Oh, one more thing, nobody can figure out how to stop this leak. Can't we bring the military in on this? It's obvious that British Petroleum can't get this thing under control. I bet a few properly placed bombs would sure plug that hole.

We in this country need to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to our energy policies. This may have to come with a few sacrifices. I think that this country needs to just slow down a bit. I mean this literally. Can't we start making cars that have a top speed of 45 mph? I for one would be willing to get up an hour or so earlier.

There is a valid point I'm trying to make here. If we slow down some, we may find it possible to grow local economies. Roads would need less repair, less semis on the roads, I say. What ever happened to the Railroad? Steam power is a proven technology. Horse and buggy? What's our big hurry?

We have to have the ability to get across a state in just a few hours. But just because we can do something doesn't mean we have to. Here's another question, have you flown on the airlines lately? All they try to do any more is just nickel and dime you. I really do not want to travel by air. Besides, I really don't have a place to go anyhow. Maybe gas does need to be $10 a gallon. The higher prices go, the less people can afford it. And it would finally wean us off gas.

We could nag people to stop traveling. It worked on smokers. All we have to do is get some people together to whine and cry and say how bad driving is for your health. How many traffic deaths are there every year? You could be saving lives, you could be a hero. Smaller communities would even benefit. If you can't drive to the store, the store would come to you. Think of the jobs it would create for people.

Here's another fine idea, how about raising the driving age to 21? There would be a lot less drivers on the road and less people burning gasoline.

Families may stick around as young people wouldn't have to go far to find work. They can be productive in the communities that they came from. Folks can get to know their neighbors a little better. Farms would need more hands, more jobs. More small towns would have schools again, more teachers, and the list goes on and on.

Now these are just a few ideas. I'm not saying they're good ideas, just ideas. No one else is coming up with them.

Mike Leckband
From the Midway