Is it time to look out for kids now?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We tell drivers to look out for kids when schools out for summer and we tell drivers to look out for kids when school is back in session.

So when can people not be concerned for the safety of kids when they are driving?

The question is facetious, of course. We need to always be alert for pedestrians. Young pedestrians are particularly prone to careless behavior that puts them in danger and a time of major behavior change is a particularly risky time for them.

Right now, drivers need to be especially alert for youngsters early in the morning and in the middle of the afternoon. And remember, besides young pedestrians, a large number of inexperienced drivers are out on the street at those times.

Perhaps it seems a bit silly to warn about being alert at a particular time of day or time of the year, since alertness should always be standard behavior for drivers. Those "Baby on Board" signs have long faded in popularity, because it does seem a bit silly that drivers should refrain from slamming into a vehicle based on who the passengers are in the vehicle.

But then, safety warnings are, at worst, harmless, and perhaps the regular reminders can help maintain a habit of alertness.