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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Winding roads: What's going on?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Very few things remain constant---at least in today's world. As a child, I always knew where my folks were and basically what they were doing and for certain, I knew what they would think of what I was up to. You see, that was their control factor on my every move.

As kids growing up, we certainly had are limitations of how far we could go whether we were dealing with physical distances or just in the mind. That was their control factor in letting us know in no uncertain terms what we could do or not do. If that value was violated, we knew the penalty would be severe in terms of being grounded, money taken, work to be done at home and so forth.

The hardest thing was to look at them in the eye and realize they knew what I had done. The best thing was to own up to it before I compounded the deed by lying which would make them twice as angry.

That was my foundation to honesty. It was a value they held dear. They were always going the extra mile to repay someone who had done something kind for them and they always found a good way to repay them. They wanted to keep their dignity but they wanted others to be able to keep their dignity as well.

Dad would give meat to those who lack money by saying he needed to get rid of a roast before it went bad. He'd reduce prices for those who were stretching their budget. He'd try to find some means for them to do something for him whether it was putting a couple of nails in a board, paint or dig something up. There was always some give and take. The day he was buried, many commented on his giving spirit and his sense of humor.

This past father day was the day before his 110th birthday. I can hear him chuckling as I write this. Dad always taught us his work ethic and disliked folks who were lazy. One worked and saved before purchasing and looked for ways to serve others while they served you, a give and take relationship. He did very well with it and looked out for the "little guy."

Today's world is very different for some. Some kids don't have much of a chance as parents have too little time for them. They are busy chasing the dollar or finding something to amuse themselves with or trying t keep up with the Jones. Other parents do their best and try to teach their children values that were taught to them. Sometimes, it just isn't enough.

This is when a panic sets in when you learn of kids from good homes making a poor decision and people ask why? It's difficult for kids to handle peer pressure. For some unknown reason (certainly is unknown to the kid at the time) a bad decision is made just in the moment. It's done and they will have to live with that decision for many years. In time, they can shake most of it off by doing right things and rebuild their reputations by doing good things and try to leave the past in the past. This is hard but with encouragement from their loved ones, it can be done.