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Winding roads: What one needs in a tornado drill

Friday, July 2, 2010

The weather certainly has been variable in temps and wind. actually, we could describe it as being uncertain as to what one gets. Marcus has had a couple of situations where the siren has sounded mightily. Mother nature seems to prefer putting on a tornado during evening hours as opposed to daylight.

So as one is winding down the day with the evening news, one learned that the weather may be treacherous.

On Monday of last week, as we put our heads to the pillow, we thought we'd continue with the news when the alarm went off. What did I do? I called a good friend and asked her if she heard the siren. The response was yes and were we in our basement?

Why no! We were getting ready for bed. Well you should get there I was told. Like a kid, I said O.K. So off I went to the basement telling you know who, to do the same. I trotted off as I was in my night clothes and with nothing on my feet. I flipped on the TV down there and yelled up, "Where are you?" Here he came fully dress carrying his shoes.

"What are you doing?" His reply, "Getting ready in case something happens. I want something sturdy on my feet." I couldn't argue that after a year of doctoring with 10,000 miles on our vehicle.

As I gathered with friends for Wednesday morning coffee, we discussed that situation and we came up with a list of what one should take to the basement for safety sake. The following is what you might say is the ladies list of "musts" as in the Letterman's top 10 list. It is composed of what they took just in case.

10. A flashlight

9. Shoes on feet

8.Day-time clothes

7. Pictures-photos

6. Bottle of water

5. Cell phone

4. Medicine

3. Blanket

2. Purse

1. Make-up---so you can look good!

We laughed quite a lot going over these. Before the week was over, we had a second drill which wasn't nearly as serious for Marcus. It certainly is disturbing of one getting a good night's sleep.

The truth is that a tornado can certainly be quite disastrous. We can count our blessings that it missed our town. It is a scary event. Each time Mother Nature provides a though-provoking incident, one needs to remember those who have to deal with those disasters.