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Supervisors hear flood report: County Engineer tells Board of bridge damage

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Cherokee County Board of Supervisors was given an update on Cherokee County bridges that were damaged in last weekend's floodwaters.

Cherokee County Engineer Dave Shanahan informed the Board that six bridges were damaged. Many of the bridges themselves remain intact but the approaches to the bridges suffered the bulk of the damage.

The rapid floodwaters washed out the dirt underneath the roads in many spots. Shanahan also stated that every place water could go over the roads, it did. There was so much water coming all at once that the Secondary Roads Department ran out of Road Closed signs.

"We took a beating over the weekend," said Shanahan. "We will still be finding damage for weeks to come. Shanahan commended the efforts of the Cherokee County Law Enforcement Center and his workers at the Secondary Roads for all their hard work over the weekend.

Some of the problem Shanahan and the Secondary Roads employees encountered during the early morning hours on Sunday was the fact that there were so much water covering many areas that the Secondary Roads Department ran out of Road Closed signs. Shanahan stated that they had to improvise moving signs from one spot to another. "It was kind of like playing checkers." said Shanahan.

One more example of the power of the flood was a round hay bale near 560th Street and J Ave. was swept into a box covert and plugged it up like a cork in a bottle.

Shanahan indicated in a phone interview that it may be a minimum of two months to fix a couple of the affected bridges, one bridge will be closed indefinitely, while the other three are already repaired and open.

In other business, the Board heard from the Cherokee Area Economic Development Cooperation Director, Mark Buschkamp. Buschkamp informed the Board that the Cherokee Landfill was nominated for an environmental award for its effort in converting waste into combustible energy pellets.

Buschkamp wanted the Board's opinion on who should be the recipient of the award. Many entities were involved with the landfill pellet project. The Board thought the award should go to the Landfill Commission.

Cherokee County Attorney Ryan Kolpin met with the Board to seek the Board's approval on the final language regarding holiday pay for the Secondary Road's union contract. The Board approved the final language for the contract and it was sent to the union for their approval.

The Board also approved the 2010/2011 Iowa Community Assurance Pool annual insurance renew.

Also approved by the Board was the 2011 fiscal year agreement with the Siouxland Regional Transit System, along with the approval of the 2011 fiscal year budget authority. The Board then approved the 2011 fiscal year contract with Cherokee Regional Medical Center for Public Health Services, along with Homecare Age Services.

The Board then met with Lisa Langlitz and Lynda Holmich of the Cherokee Community Services to discuss general business. Then the Board went into closed session per Iowa Code 21.5(a) "To review or discuss records which are required or authorized by state or federal law to be kept confidential or to be kept confidential as a condition for that governmental body's possession or continued receipt of federal funds."

The Board took no action on this issue at this time.

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