Cherokee's Entertainment and Cultural District

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back on Sept. 1, 2004 Cherokee, was awarded the designation of an Entertainment and Cultural District.

This award came after many hours of fact finding, writing, compiling of information and multiple presentations. Cherokee was one of the first cities in the State of Iowa to be awarded this designation. Through the efforts of Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation and individuals within the community this task came together and the successful end was the designation of the Entertainment and Cultural District.

Over the past years you have probably been aware of the table tents at our local restaurants and posters in businesses that promote cultural and arts activities and events for Cherokee. Since the designation of the Entertainment and Cultural District we have been very fortunate to have the Cherokee Arts Council compile the quarterly information, produce and distribute the table tents and posters. We would like to take this time to graciously thank everyone on the Cherokee Arts Council for your efforts to make sure this happened every single quarter. But as we all too well know all good things must come to an end. At this time the Cherokee Arts Council has taken on some new projects and will no longer be able to continue with this work.

Over the past weeks Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation has begun the gathering of information and the production and distribution of the table tents and posters. Please take time to check them out to see what is going on in Cherokee. Almost every restaurant in Cherokee has these adorning their tables. Please take time to thank the owners and managers for allowing us to have them available to promote the culture of our area. On the table tents you will find email addresses for several of the events listed so that you may go to their sites and look up the information on everything that will be happening at these events. Also, I encourage you to come visit our website at www.cherokeeia.com there you will find all the information not only for Cherokee but for every community throughout Cherokee County. We also have links available to all the other events and all cities in the County.

So next time you hear someone say there's nothing to do here, just take them to their computer and click on our website or stop in one of the local businesses or restaurants in Cherokee and take a look at all the listings on the calendar of events. You will be very surprised at everything that is going on in Cherokee County. Hope you take advantage of the great culture of this area and enjoy a fun-filled summer.