Letter to the Editor

To the editor: Tabke Benefit Thank You

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who helped, supported, and donated to the Melissa Tabke Benefit.

It was so greatly appreciated to be just overwhelmed with contributions, and we are so thankful to live in such a wonderful area, where people will drop everything to lend a hand. It's a nice feeling to know that if you fall, you will land among friends and they will catch you.

A special note of thanks to Sand Seed, who with a simple request to borrow some picnic tables turned into so much more, your hearts are generous; James and Lisa Mayer, Bill and Deb Mayer, Mike and Michelle Mayer, Tom and Peg Hohbach, Ron and Pat Galles, Greg Galles, Gerilynn Specht, Chad Urban and the City of Marcus for loaning us your picnic tables; Fran Hinspeter and Bart Alesch for moving City tables around; James and Bill Mayer for all your extra help coming up with supplies and working on the shade tree; Lori Frederes, who went above and beyond gathering donations from the communities and keeping us organized; KMart, Hy-Vee Drug Store, Fareway, Hy-Vee Distribution, Pizza Ranch, Marcus for Progress, Casey's, First Trust & Savings Bank, and all the businesses, individuals, and families who donated water, food, money to the grocery bill and supplies; Jeff's Foods and Majere's Foodtown for the wonderful food and all their help ordering; the Cherokee County Cattlemen for grilling; the vet clinic staff and doctors for all their hard work; Mike Dammann for directing parking, and Vermeer for letting us borrow their ground for parking purposes, and so many more.

It was a great day in the neighborhood. Thank you all so much!

Kristi Mason