Letter to the Editor

To the editor: 4-H Building

Friday, July 9, 2010

Recently, the local 4-H club came to my business asking for a donation to build a new building at the Cherokee Fair Grounds. Although the economy is still poor and people will drive 60 miles to save $2, we still donated to help a good cause.

Then we found out that the 4-H building board had gone out of county to purchase the building. Shame on all of you on the 4-H building committee!

You ask the local business to donate to help you, then go out of town to purchase the building without even givng the local people a chance to bid it. This is very poor public relations concerning the business you took money from. That money would have helped the Cherokee economy. Instead, it took Cherokee money and sent it out of the county.

Next time I hear 4-H is looking to raise money, I hope they remember this and realize that if you are not willing to support the local businesses, it makes it hard to support you.

It's just too bad the kids will be the ones to suffer for the mistakes of their leaders.

Mark Miller

Cherokee Building Center