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Winding Roads: What summer?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Through March, it was snow and ice. Spring brought cool weather and rain. By mid-May, I thought surely it would really warm up. But the temps almost made one want to run the furnace, In fact, we did.

Now that we have officially passed the date summer begins, we have not experience much of it. The humidity is really the uncomfortable factor.

We used to have more defined seasons when we knew what to expect. One eats and dresses accordingly, but now it is anyone's guess. I doubt if any of the swimming pools have been utilized as much as in a normal season. We sat through many a ball game wishing we had warmer clothes on and a heavier coat. It felt like football season. We shivered through them. Usually, we'd be wiping perspiration from our foreheads but not this year. In fact, only one day did I break a sweat when I was working and that was slightly.

The rain just seems to keep coming and coming and coming. I do have empathy for folks who live in the lower levels with rain soaking their basements. Plumbers have been busy keeping the old pumps working away. The low lands have produced lakes of various sizes and the rivers have risen to show their power.

When one sees pictures of swollen rivers with swift currents, one realizes Mother Nature demonstrates her force as the river takes soil, trees and branches, buildings and whatever else is in it's path right along with it. It is going to be costly for many counties and states.

Many farmers are going to see their yield drop. The southern part of the state has very uneven crops and look sick comparing to fields in northern Iowa.

Many have said that when the fourth of July is over, so is the summer about ended. That saying has pretty well been supported. The fairs come and go while parents prepare for the coming school year buying clothes and supplies. School begin in the third week of August and whammo---no summer left.

I must comment about my old lady observation when we were up at the Lakes last weekend. If I saw one boat on the lakes, I saw a couple of hundred and I think that is a conservative estimate. Knowing what boats cost, I thought of all the money buzzing around the lake. So the question to ask is, are we in a recession or not? Most of these boats aren't being driven by old folks but of the younger set. One wonders how much is actually paid for or is it riding on credit? Others have told me that boats are expensive to own between maintenance, insurance, license, fuel and storage. I think it would make more sense to rent them than look after them. It doesn't matter as my point is that there has to be money somewhere.

I'll say one thing, it looks like they were having a real good time. We like to observe while eating at the restaurant that is situated between east and west Okoboji lakes as the boats go under Highway 71.