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Class 2A Iowa State Tournament Snapshots

Monday, July 26, 2010

Here are some facts about this year's field in the Class 2A Iowa State Baseball Tournament.

(Ed. note: The Cherokee Braves (17-13) will face Carroll Kuemper at 6 p.m. today (Monday July 26) in first round action at Principal Park in Des Moines)

Top Win Coaches: Four of the field's head coaches have amassed over 230 wins. each. Joe Shanks of Fort Dodge St. Edmond has a 19-year mark of 389-254; Cherokee Washington's Scott Koch has a 17-year slate of 312-189.; Solon's Keith McSweeney is 285-138 in 11 campaigns; and Jeff Douglas, Interstate 35, Truro's top man, has a 234-95 record in 12 seasons. Three other coaches in the tournament have three or fewer years of experience.

Returning from 2009: In addition to St. Edmond, three other teams -- Cherokee, Washington; Solon; and Interstate 35, Truro -- return from a year ago.

Rated and Remaining: The district and substate field dealt a harsh hand to the IBCA ratings. Only three of the Baseball Coaches Association's 10 rated teams escaped elimination. Top-rated Solon is joined by No. 3 Davis County, Bloomfield, and the seventh-ranked defending champs, as the survivors.

Past Champions: Besides defending champion St. Edmond, Fort Dodge, only Cherokee Washington (2007) has earned a state diamond championship.

First Time Qualifiers: Schools that are making their debut in the summer tournament include Davis County, Bloomfield and PCM, Monroe. The head coaches at both schools -- Todd White, Davis County; and first year coach Shawn Hudnut of PCM, Monroe join another first time state tournament coach -- Randy Snyder, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll.

Home of the Braves: They have not exactly qualified for voting privileges in Des Moines, but Cherokee Washington and their fans are getting close. The tournament came to Principal Park in 2005, and the Braves are the only school in any of the four classes to qualify for the tournament in each of the six years.

Solon Seeks a Third State Title in 2009-10: Top-rated Solon is aiming at a third state championship this year. The Spartans claimed their third straight title (and fourth overall) in football last fall and won their first ever track championship after taking second in basketball. They are the team to beat in baseball. The offense they generate with many of the same people who have helped them in state competitions already this year is exceptionally potent. The Orange and Black have blasted a 125 doubles just four off Assumption, Davenport's state best and second best national mark of 129 set in 1999. [Seven more doubles will break the national mark of 131 by Bishop Gorman Las Vegas, NV (2008)]. Their 471 hits ranks in Iowa's top ten bests, and 40 team home runs has amped up a .648 team slugging percentage, best in the tourney ahead of .619 by Davis County, Bloomfield. They have scored 413 runs in 40 games.

Field Has a Collective 195-66 Record: The Class 2A teams have a solid winning percentage of .777, with a collective win-loss record of 195-66. Four of the teams have won 25 or more games.

K-Magic: Three outstanding hurlers in the tournament are averaging nearly two strike outs per inning pitched. Cherokee, Washington's Cody Ege, a University of Louisville recruit, has toiled 59 innings and has chalked up 123 Ks (2.1 per inning). Davis County, Bloomfield's sophomore Calvin Matthews, who leads the 2A field with a 14-0 mark, has worked 85 frames and has whiffed 163 batters (1.9 per inning). Matthews's teammate Josh Martsching is also zeroing in on 1.9 per inning with 99 K's in 51.6 innings.

Enrollments: The IHSAA uses the official state certified BEDS enrollment figures for grades 9 thru 11 for the 2009-10 school year to determine placement in one of the four classes. Davis County is the largest school of the eight 2As with 287, while St. Edmond is the smallest with 192.

Did You Know? Interstate 35, Truro mentor Jeff Douglas is making his farewell to the high school ranks. He has 478 career wins including college victories and in 12 years with the Road Runners he is 235-95 with four state qualifiers. This spring Douglas was named the head football coach at Graceland University. He previously helped the Yellowjackets' athletic staff logging 14 years as a grid assistant and 11 as a head baseball coach. He also coached Graceland's women's softball team this past spring.

Individual Stat Leaders

(Statistics are those available on Quikstats as of 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 21)

Batting Average (min 55 ABs)

.522Derrick Loveless, Solon (60/115)
.521Marshall Koehn, Solon (73/140)
.488Nick Day, Solon (60/123)
.483Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield (57/118)
.478Zach Fligg, Davis County, Bloomfield (55/115)
.476Anthony Flattery, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge (50/105)
.466Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield (48/103)
.461Cody Ege, Cherokee, Washington 35/76)
.453Nick Maas, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo (48/106)
.430Tyler Smith, Solon (55/128)
.427Dillion Wickett, Interstate 35, Truro (35/82)
.427Colten Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield (44/103)

Total Hits

73Marshall Koehn, Solon
60Nick Day, Solon
60Derrick Loveless, Solon
57Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield
55Tyler Smith, Solon
55Zach Fligg, Davis County, Bloomfield
53Craig Konrardy, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
50Anthony Flattery, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
48 Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
48Nick Maas, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
46Shawn Olson, Solon
44Thomas Kesten, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
44Colten Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield

Runs Scored

78Marshall Keohn, Solon
60Nick Day, Solon
54Zach Fligg, Davis County, Bloomfield
50Thomas Kesten, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
48Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield
47Craig Konrardy, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
48Derrick Loveless, Solon
44Nick Maas, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
43Austin Dall, Solon
41Tyler Smith, Solon
37Kent Knobbe, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll


64Tyler Smith, Solon
54Nick Day, Solon
50Derrick Loveless, Solon
49Marshall Keohn, Solon
49 Shawn Olson, Solon
43Coleton Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
42Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
39Zach Fligg, Davis County, Bloomfield
38Nick Maas, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
36Anthony Flattery, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
36Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield
36Nick Clark, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
34Cody Ege, Cherokee, Washington


29Marshall Keohn, Solon
21Nick Day, Solon
18Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield
17Anthony Flattery, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
17Derrick Loveless, Solon
15Shawn Olson, Solon
14Craig Konrardy, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
13Nick Maas, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
11Thomas Kesten, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
11Tyler Smith, Solon


5Anthony Flattery, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
4Derrick Loveless, Solon
3Marshall Koehn, Solon
3Thomas Kesten, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
3Craig Konrardy, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
3Tyler Naberhaus, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
3Coleton Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
3Marshall Goerdt, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo

10 others tied with 2

Home Runs

11Tyler Smith, Solon
10Josie Garmon, Davis County, Bloomfield
9Cody Ege, Cherokee Washington
9Nick Day, Solon
9Zach Fligg, Davis County, Bloomfield
7Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
6Kyle Schuck, Cherokee, Washington
6Coleton Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
6Austin Utt, Davis County, Bloomfield
5Nick Maas, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
5Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield

Stolen Bases

30Cody Williamson, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
24Casey Berg, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
22Derrick Loveless, Solon
21Dillion Rupiper, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
20Sean O'Connor, PCM, Monroe
20Nick Day, Solon
19Dillion Wick, Interstate 35, Truro
18Thomas Kesten, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
17Joe Gilson, PCM, Monroe
17Nate McKinney, Interstate 35, Truro
17Ethan Schoeppner, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll

Most Pitching Wins

14-0Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
10-0Brandon Shulista, Solon
9-0 Nick Day, Solon
9-1Chris Halbur, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
8-0Ryan Butler, Solon
8-1Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield
8-2Kent Knobbe, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
7-1Patrick Buhr, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
7-3Blake Brommel, Interstate 35, Truro
6-1Cody Ege, Cherokee, Washington
6-2Jon Heinzman, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo

Most Innings Pitched

85Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
67.6Kent Knobbe, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
67David Flattery, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
63.6Blake Brommel, Interstate 35, Truro
63.3Chris Halbur, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
59Cody Ege, Cherokee, Washington
58Brandon Shulista, Solon
53.6Patrick Buhr, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
53.6Jon Heinzman, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
51.6Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield
51Joel Wiggins, PCM, Monroe
49Nick Day, Solon
48.6 Ryan Butler, Solon

Lowest ERA (min. 35 IP)

0.74Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield (85 IP)
0.83Cody Ege, Cherokee, Washington (59 IP)
1.00Nick Day, Solon (49 IP)
1.15Ryan Butler, Solon (48.6 IP)
1.32Blake Brommel, Interstate 35, Truro (63.6 IP)
1.45Brandon Shulista, Solon (58 IP)
1.46David Flattery, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge (67 IP)
1.94Cory Strable, Interstate 35, Truro (43.3 IP)
1.96Patrick Buhr, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge (53.6 IP)
1.99Chris Halbur, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll (63.3 IP)
2.13Jon Heinzman, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo (52.6 IP)
2.20Joel Wiggins, PCM, Monroe (51 IP)

Most Strike Outs

163Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield
123Cody Ege, Cherokee, Washington
99Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield
88Blake Brommel, Interstate 35, Truro
86David Flattery, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
81Brandon Shulista, Solon
73Patrick Buhr, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge
73Nick Day, Solon
67Chris Halbur, Kuemper Catholic, Carroll
67Jon Heinzman, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo
66Joel Wiggins, PCM, Monroe

Fewest Hits Allowed (min. 35 IP)

25Cody Ege, Cherokee, Washington (59 IP)
28Nick Day, Solon (49 IP)
29Ryan Butler, Solon (48.6 IP)
30Brandon Shulista, Solon (58 IP)
32Cory Strable, Interstate 35, Truro (43.3 IP)
35Jon Heinzman, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo (52.6 IP)
35Patrick Buhr, St. Edmond, Fort Dodge (53.6 IP)
36Blake Brommel, Interstate 35, Truro (63.6 IP)
36Josh Martsching, Davis County, Bloomfield (51.6 IP)
38Calvin Matthews, Davis County, Bloomfield (85 IP)

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