At the Library

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A huge splash was made this summer at the Cherokee Public Library as the boys and girls read, listened, and participated in our summer reading program, "Make a Splash . . . Read."

Three special programs The Bassmeister-"Fishing for Fun," "Pockets Full of Fun" with Lisa Laird, and "Indiana Bones and his pet dragon Draco were well attended. Each performance provided a fun and entertaining way to help children and parents alike to understand the importance and advantages of reading. Thanks to the Friends of the Library group, Ann Gordon & Tony Startt, and Paul and Marilyn Cedar the library was able to offer these special programs.

The weekly programs at the library averaged around fifty-five youth. I was pleased to see the boys and girls reading over their quota each week. Some of the younger readers read up to 30 books for the program. A few older readers read two hours plus an additional 2-4 hours each week.

Linda and Karissa from the Sanford Museum provided a hands-on program about the ocean during the first week of the "Make a Splash . . . Read." Each child made their own ocean in a jar to take home.

Dave Ellis and Scott the Lifeguard from the Bacon Aquatic Center gave a presentation on the equipment and tests used to help keep the 300,000 gallons of water safe for swimming. As Scott read the pool rules Dave asked me if the boys and girls could count enter the rules as one book for their reading long. When I saw the twenty rules, I said, "Yes!"

Then Scott and Dave stayed and help with three water related games. The boys and girls seemed to enjoy seeing me get wet when a water balloon broke as Bonnie and I were demonstrating the water balloon toss. I must admit it felt refreshing.

The third week some talented high school speech students, Eric, Nichole, and Amber, put on a play based on the book, "The Fish With the Deep Sea Smile" by Margaret Wise Brown. The group enjoyed watching Eric attempt to catch the fish with the deep sea smile. He did finally catch the fish.

Then it was time to listen to a pirate story, sing a pirate song, dress a pirate using answers to trivia questions, and last but not least the children went on a treasure hunt. When they found their treasure, they found a note attached to it that said there was another treasure. This treasure was for the librarian. When the treasure was opened we found a Time Capsule from the summer reading program of 2000. I told them we would open the capsule at the finale program July 27.

A project that amazed and excited the boys and girls from the beginning of July to the end of the program was being able to see small ocean animals in a tub of water. What was special about these animals was they grew, and grew, and grew until they almost filled the tub. The last week of the summer reading program the animals were taken out of the tubs so the children could see them shrink back to their original size.

Another project that library offered during "Make a Splash . . . Read" was a Family Boat Contest. The boats were put on display upstairs in the youth department as each family completed them. One of the three categories, "The Most Use of Recyclable Materials" seemed to be a favourite. Eight out of the eleven entries chose this category. I'm happy to report that all of the boats passed the "floating" test. The judging of the boats took place this week and the winners will be announced at the finale. A big thank you to our judges for taking the time to be a part of the program.

I would also like to thank the following people and businesses for their time, talents, and support given during our "Make a Splash. . . Read" program. Dixie Drapper, Taylor Blackburn, Jackie Courtright, Janet Alingh, Linda Burkhart, Karissa, Dave Ellis, Scott the Lifeguard, the Friends Group, Eric, Nichole, Amber, Paul and Marilyn Cedar, Ann Gordon and Tony Startt, KCHE, Mike Leckband and Katie Carnes from the Chronicle Times, all businesses who hung up our posters, and last but not least all the staff at the library.

Your support and suggestions helped to make this program a success.

The month of August will be rather quiet compared to this last month. The Tuesday story time will not meet until after Labor Day. But don't let that stop you from coming to the library and checking out books, puzzles, computer games, lego building, and DVDs.

Have a great rest of the summer!