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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Winding Roads: Greed or need ?

Monday, August 2, 2010

We have had some overnight visitors that we engaged in a conversation about the economy. There isn't too much good to say about it. In fact, in recent weeks, I try avoiding the daily bleats of information via headlines. Our visitors had traveled much and seen some of the worst areas of the world where homes are set up under the sky for a roof and bathrooms are unheard of. They spoke of several nations who are so poor, they can't imagine why we complain. Their vision of the world is quite different from ours.

I shared how a few Marcus residents made their way to Haiti to help out before the earthquake and are still reaching out to that nation. They shared reports of goods being stored in warehouses as the country lacks a system to get them out to those in need. Very little rubble has been cleared away. These people are struggling.

We talked of the very rich. CEO's and those at the top of the financial ladder adopting an attitude that they are being picked on because much of the American public think their bonuses and salaries are way above a reasonable level.

I then mentioned the verse in the Bible that refers to rich men getting to heaven being harder than a camel walking through the eye of a needle. I just don't understand how they can spend these huge amounts with the knowledge of folks starving, sick from filth. Yet they own several lavish homes, yachts, take trips and so forth.

What stuck out in these conversations was when I asked, "What is the most important item for civilization to think about?" It wasn't the stock market or interest paid out or how much in debt we are as a people. I think he thought he had me stunned. Perhaps you'd like to take a minute to think that through. What is the most important thing to man's survival?

Water. Good clean water to drink. How long will this world last without water to drink?

The very wealthy and those in power in some countries have begun to focus on that. China has limited the ability to recreate their own to try to stifle the population of China. Think about where large populations are and think about their economies. Their standard of living isn't the same as ours. We need to cut back our wasteful ways and yet, these poor folks want to emulate us. Other crooked, conniving businessmen are greedily trying to find ways to take ownership of water. Even the rain that the poor wanted to collect in barrels was going to be taxed. When that happened, the people rioted. Water and the lack thereof will indeed by a major problem.

Our big question today is capitalism versus socialism. The issue won't go away. We are for capitalism, competitiveness in the marketplace yet where do we draw the line on greed. I don't want socialism either but somewhere the greed is taking us down. There has to be a balance.

Some folks don't work as hard as they might and want the government to hand it to them just because they are here. Tempers fly as folks who have worked hard to get where they are today simply don't appreciate giving handouts to those who don't try to help themselves.

Laws are supposed to be followed to keep societal order. Personally, I think Arizona is going the right way as the federal government has done very little to curb the illegals in this country. Both parties are guilty of not making folks follow the law---the procedures required to become a legal citizen to live here. Those crowds against a new law passed in Fremont were very small and yet, right now they have the upper hand.

Actually, I think I could stand in the pulpit and preach to respect the laws of the land and stop being so greedy and require everyone who gets financial support from government to earn it (those who can walk) by sweeping floors, picking up roadside litter and the like or otherwise find things like answering phones or some menial task. Lets help those who try to help themselves. Let them take ownership of their situation and have some respect and pride.