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Monday, May 2, 2016

Winding Roads: It's not just the economy, stupid!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Would any of us be as worried as we are if interest on our savings would increase on our CD's and the stock market would get some zest back?

Many small business people are worried how they can stay afloat, and they are running out of ways to cut corners on their expenses. Empty store fronts seem to be increasing in numbers and you wonder what pea brain keeps building these strip malls in the city and houses in these housing developments.

Show me the money and my, how good we all could feel. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or just scream bloody murder when we hear how Japan is striving hard to become number one in trading but then, I thought it was China who was headed in that direction. So it's not that we won't be number one down the road. No, it's who will get number one on the leader board, China or Japan.

Labor Day is a great day for family fun. It's a day to relax and get off the old grind. But unions are not as great in numbers. This country went from having not heard of unions to the other side when they ruled the roost. Now it's swinging the other way and one needs to ask why? Not to get in a heated debate but I think they have done some companies in and consequently lost jobs for folks. But the biggest finger should point to the federal government who passed NAFTA and sold and sent a huge amount of blue collar, good-paying jobs to China, Japan and good old southern neighbors.

It should be a federal crime what Congress (those who voted for NAFTA) did as they sold us out to line their pockets. The heads of those major companies have it made but then they no doubt have homes in more than one country.

How well will Iraq sustain itself? How many families sacrificed a loved one just to have another country not get their act together? The money spent to fight battles that can't seem to be won is beyond our comprehension.

What about BP spending $93 million on advertising to let us all know what a great company it is and then hear them say they may not have enough money to pay all expenses of their big blow-out?

Why do so many of our politicians spend money to get elected to an office that only pays maybe a half or less of a salary than of what is spent on their campaign? Many of these keep coming from the same few families like there are no other brains in this country that can hold office.

So although making money gets the country happier, what we really need are people that can lead with showing their morals and doing what is right for the majority of the folks despite the cost of doing business. We need leaders who think with their head and are loyal to this country.

The media talk about a so-called clergyman who wants to burn the Koran to make him a national issue. Good grief, let them alone and not many will know about it. Who cares what that group of 50 think! They are free to make stupid decisions which is why this country is where it is now. Why not cover the more important issues like clean air and water and good soil? We have a tendency to use all we want not understanding we are wearing our resources down. I can only guess what the landfills will do with our worn-out or primitive cell phones, computers and TV's as we keep developing high tech.

It's a good thing I only have a few years to go as I don't know if this nation will climb back out of this hole we have been pushed into. The next generation or two will have more problems than they can count.