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Marcus Fair results

Friday, September 24, 2010

Grains, Fruits and Vegetables

Soybeans Bundle

First Brian Tuttle

Soybeans Beanstalk

First Alan Hoefling

Second Brian Tuttle

Beans, green bush

First Sigrid Drefke

Second Marirose Johnson

Third Gwen Peters

Beans, purple bush


Makenzie Meyer

Beans, pole

First Jane Hinspeter

Second Michelle Cave

Cucumbers, dill pickling

First Marirose Johnson

Second Sam Schmillen

Cucumbers, slicing

First Marirose Johnson

Second Gwen Peters

Third Sam Schmillen

Cucumbers, any other long type

First Sam Schmillen


First Diane Schmillen

Second Paul Wiklens

Third Mary Erdman

Ground cherries

First Joey Rosener

Second Emma Rosener

Third Maria Rosener


Third Joey Rosener

Onions, red small

First Deb Galles

Onions, small yellow

First Ellie Bindner

Onions, large yellow

First Deb Galles

Peppers, hot

First Deb Galles

Second Tim Galles

Peppers, sweet green

First Jerrianne Welp

Second Deb Galles

Third Mary Erdman

Pumpkins, pie

First Geralyn Hoefling

Squash, acorn

First Joey Rosener

Squash, butternut

First Joey Rosener

Second Maria Rosener

Third Emma Rosener

Squash, zucchini

First Jane Hinspeter

Second Ellie Bindner

Squash, any other

First Alan Hoefling

Second Geralyn Hoefling

Third Jerianne Welp

Tomatoes, catsup

First Mary Erdman

Tomatoes, miniature red

First Diane Schmillen

Second Sam Schmillen

Third Ellie Bindner

Tomatoes, miniature yellow

Second Joey Rosener

Tomatoes, large red

Second Tim Galles

Tomatoes, small red

First Steven Schuetz

Second Cody Simon

Third Jerry Dunn

Tomatoes, any other pink

First Deb Galles


First Joey Rosener

Second Ellie Bindner

Third Emma Rosener

Pumpkins, stock white

First Angeleah Hoefling

Second Alexandrea Hoefling

Pumpkins, stock orange

First Christina Wilkens

Second Kaden Galles

Third Alan Hoefling

Gourds, small

First Alan Hoefling

Second Emma Rosener

Potatoes, red

First Marirose Johnson

Second Maria Rosener

Third Joey Rosener

Potatoes, white

Second Marirose Johnson

Third Joey Rosener

Hans Rasmussen Memorial Award

First Ellie Bindner

Second Joey Rosener

Apples, Delicious red

Second Joey Rosener

Apples, Delicious yellow

Second Joey Rosener


First Alan Hoefling


Second Joey Rosener

Plums, large

First Joey Rosener


First Joey Rosener

Second Maria Rosener

Third Emma Rosener

Best in Class Vegetable: Christina Wilkins with pumpkin

Best in Class Fruit: Joey Rosener with watermelon

Sweepstakes award for most blue ribbons: Joey Rosener

Canning Department Results

Deb Galles

Strawberry Pepper Jelly--White

Jalapeno Peppers, cut--Blue


Dill Pickles, whole--Blue

Grape Tomato Pickles--Red

End of Garden Relish--Blue



Tomato Juice--Blue

Wayne Roethler

Homemade Blueberry Wine--Blue

Homemade Black Raspberry Wine--Red

Margie Hanson

Zucchini Pickles--Blue

Lemon Cucumber Dill Pickles--Blue

Combination Pickles--Blue


Peach Butter--Blue

Pepper Jelly--Blue

Lorraine Cave

Tomato, red preserves--Blue

Gloria Swanger

Sweet Pickle Relish--Blue

Darlene Schmillen

Cinnamon Pickles--Blue

Bev Nielsen

Chili Sauce--Blue

Christine Casillas

Beet Pickles, cut--Red

Sharon Harvey

Beet Pickles, cut--Blue

Hot Dog Relish--Blue

Dill Pickles, whole--Red

Lime Pickles--Blue

Tomato Juice Combo--Blue


Tomatoes, stewed--Red

Green Beans, cut--Blue

Tomato Soup--Blue

Spaghetti Sauce--Blue

Tomatoes, whole--Blue

Tomato Juice--Red

Strawberry Jam--Blue

Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly--Red

Jalapeno Jam--Blue

Blueberry Jam--Blue


Applesauce, sieved--Blue

Watermelon Pickles--Blue

Cherry Jam--Blue

Grape Jelly--Blue

Jalapeno Pickles--White

Lo Sugar Grape Jelly--Red

Peach Jam--Blue


Peppers, cut--Red

Jerry Dunn


Janice Husman

Rhubarb Comb. Jam--Blue

Violet Jam--Blue

Rhubarb Jam--Blue

Shirley Kunzweiler

Beet Jelly--Blue

Zucchini Comb. Jam--Blue

Tomato, stewed--Blue

Lime Pickles--White

Jane Hinspeter

Lime Pickles--Red


Apple Butter--Blue

Strawberry Jam--Red

Linda Bindner

Bread & Butter Pickles--Blue


Doug Lauters

Homemade Wine, red--Blue

Homemade Wine, pear--Blue

Dave Alesch

Cherry Bounce Vodka--Blue

Cherry Bounce Brandy--Blue

Elaine Leavitt

Cherry Pie Filling--Blue

Michelle Cave

Cherry Jelly--White

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam--Red

Strawberry Jam--White

Cran/Apple Jelly--White

Peach Jam--White

Cherry Pie Filling--Red

Thomas Ashley

Beans pickled--Red

Sweepstakes Award (most blue ribbons): Sharon Harvey with 20 blue ribbons

Best Over All (Outstanding Exhibit): Sharon Harvey with beets pickles, cut

Best of Class

Jam & Jelly

First Sharon Harvey with Strawberry Jam

Second Margie Hanson with Pepper Jelly

Third Sharon Harvey with Jalapeno Jam


First Sharon Harvey with Peaches

Second Sharon Harvey with Pears

Third Sharon Harvey with Applesauce, sieved


First Shirley Kunzweiler with tomatoes, stewed

Second Margie Hanson with Sauerkraut

Third Sharon Harvey with Spaghetti Sauce

Pickles & Relishes

First Sharon Harvey with Beet pickles, cut

Second Sharon Harvey with Lime Pickles

Third Gloria Swanger with Relish, sweet pickle


First Doug Lauters with Homemade wine, red

Second Dave Alesch with Cherry Bounce Vodka

Third Margie Hanson with Combination Pickles

Junior canning results

Jerri Welp with salsa--blue

Fancy Work Winners

Best in Class Winners

Children: Alyssa Erickson, quilt lap

Teenager: Megan Livermore, pillow practical

Adult: JoAnn Erickson, quilt pieced, hand quilted

Honorable Mention: Janette Woodall, quilted wall hanging pieced

Senior Citizen: Connie Kaack, quilted table topper small

Doloris Tapper, crocheting centerpiece large colored

Honorable Mention: Pat Brady, quilted table runner

Doloris Tapper, crocheting holiday wall hanging

Sweepstakes Winner: Doloris Tapper, 14 entries, 14 blues

Edna Weimer Award: JoAnn Ericksn with best quilt


Embroidery--First--Dishtowels, Sophia Kueser

Crocheting--First--Neckscarf, Sydney Livermore

Quilts--First--Pieces machine quilted, Alyssa Erickson

First--Pieced machine quilted, Sean Erickson

First--Novelty, Sarah Benton and Brooklyn Treinen

First--Lap, Alyssa Erickson


Pillow Practical, First, Megan Livermore


Crocheting--First--Centerpiece colored large, Ginny Riebhoff

Knitting--First--Cap, Paula Nelson

Afghans--First--Knitting adult, Paula Nelson

First--Crocheting--Adult, Michelle Cave

Quilts--Baby--Second, Kim Deichmann

Bedspread--First, Marirose Johnson

Pieced hand quilted, Alissa Brady and Joann Erickson

Pieced Machine quilted, Marirose Johnson, JoAnn Erickaon and Janette Woodall

Quilting other than quiltes and table runner--Kim Deichmann

First--Wall hanging pieced, Janette Woodall

Second--Holiday table runner, Kim Deichmann

Senior Citizens

Embroidery dish towels--First, Imelda Roethler and Velma Garvin

Guest towels--First, Imelda Roethler

Crocheting--First--Baby cap, Doloris Tapper

First--Booties, Doloris Tapper

First--Centerpiece colored small, Doloris Tapper

First--Centerpiece colored medium, Doloris Tapper

First--Centerpiece colored large, Doloris Tapper

First--Centerpiece white small, Doloris Tapper

First--Centerpiece white medium, Doloris Tapper

First--Centerpiece white large, Doloris Tapper

First--Dresser scarf, Doloris Tapper

First--Misc. large, Doloris Taper

First--Holiday wall hanging, Doloris Tapper

First--Holiday Misc., Doloris Tapper

Knitting--First--Mittens, Elaine Leavitt

First--Sweater ladies, Barb Henn

Quilts--Baby--First, Pat Brady

First--Appliqued wall hanging, Pat Brady

First--Cheaters cloth machine quilted, Shirley Dunne

First--Embroidered, Betty Bilney

First--Pieced hand quilted, Pat Brady

First--Pieced hand quilted, Connie Haack

Quilts--First--Pieced machine quilted, Betty Bilney

First--Pieced machine quilted, Larraine Cave

First--Novelty, Sharon Harvey

First--Doll, Pat Brady

Pillows--First--Embroidered, Helen Bilsland

Quilting other than quilts--Table Runner--First, Pat Brady

Table Runner--First, Shirley Dunne

Wall Hanging Pieces--First, Pat Brady

Misc.--First, Pat Brady

Table Topper small--First, Pat Brady

Table Topper, small--First, Connie Haack

Table Topper, large--First Pat Brady

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